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e-liquid lab

Discussion in 'E Liquid Planet' started by eplanet, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. eplanet

    eplanet Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    e-liquid lab has just arrived!!!

    check it out
    E-Liquid Lab Basic Tobacco Flavor Mixing Kit:
    This kit contains five natural and artificial tobacco flavorings and four flavorless nicotine base mixes. The kit also includes empty dropper bottles for mixing your new e liquid formula and a pipette for fluid transfer.

    E-Liquid Lab Unflavored Nicotine Base Mixes:
    The four included E-Liquid Lab Unflavored Nicotine Base Mixes are premixed to 0 mg/ml, 11 mg/ml, 16 mg/ml, and 24 mg/ml of nicotine. This is ideal for creating your own true tobacco flavor blends. Experiment with each individually or make your own custom tobacco flavored e-liquid blends.

    Create your own custom flavors by adding a few drops of flavor concentrate to an empty dropper bottle, record the amount of drops on the pre-affixed bottle label, then add five mls of your choice of unflavored base nicotine mixes. You can even mix the flavorless nicotine base mixes to achieve a different nicotine concentration for your new blend. Please remember it only takes one or two drops of flavor concentrate to make a difference in your newly created tobacco flavor blend. Start with small amounts of concentrate until you reach the perfect blend of flavors.

    Kit Contents:
    4 x 60 ml Unflavored Nicotine Base Mixes: 0 mg/ml, 11 mg/ml, 16 mg/ml, and 24 mg/ml
    5 x 5 ml Tobacco Flavor Concentrates: Burley, Robust, Oriental, Virginia, and Turkish
    5 x 5 ml Empty Pre-labeled Dropper Bottles
    1 x Plastic Pipette

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  2. QueenInNC

    QueenInNC Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 21, 2009
    Charlotte, NC USA
    Has anyone tried this? We would love to hear your feedback if you have. I tried it at Vapefest and was very impressed!! The flavorings are fantastic and you only need a couple of drops.
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