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European Free Vaping Initiative - Introduction

Discussion in 'EFVI.UK' started by VapeMeStoopid, Jun 21, 2014.

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  1. VapeMeStoopid

    VapeMeStoopid Reviewer / Blogger Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 31, 2012

    About EFVI

    What is EFVI?

    An opportunity for vapers to directly address the decision makers of Europe so they can choose to ignore our opinion no more. We need to collect one million signatures before the 25th of November 2014, and reach the minimum quota in seven member states.

    What EFVI is not

    EFVI is not an another petition to sign. It allows us to participate directly in the development of EU policies regarding electronic cigarettes.

    Why is EFVI important?

    Once successfully concluded, we will have the opportunity to meet Commission representatives in person and to present our initiative at a public hearing in the European Parliament.

    Members of the citizens' committee:

    Patryk Bełzak (Poland), Kinga Bilau (Hungary), Monika Calvetti-Fürst (Austria), Leo Compas (Netherlands), Ditta Ditewig (Netherlands), John Miles Dolphin (United Kingdom), Marcin Duraj (Poland), Scott Andrew Fitzsimmons (United Kingdom), Stavros Georgalas (Czech Republic), Marcel Göertz (Netherlands), Markus Kämmerer (Germany), Udo Laschet (Germany), Krisztian Pifko (Hungary), Serge Poplemon (Belgium)

    Our initiative at the Official register of the European Commission.

    EFVI is a European wide effort to help save vaping. After the TPD was approved by the EU, we are left with only a short amount of time to fight back before our fate as vapers is sealed. Come 2016, vaping as we know it in the EU, will cease to exist and according to various interpretations of the TPD, everything on the market will be illegal.

    This doesn't just affect EU vapers, American vapers need to be aware that what happens here, will surely be a baseline for what the FDA will present for regulations of electronic cigarettes.

    If you haven't signed EFVI yet and are a citizen of the EU, please take 30 seconds and sign it. Ask your household members, your friends, your family, anyone you can think of that supports public health decisions based on scientific evidence versus knee jerk reactions to protect other interests over our health.

    Please see this thread in order to further our efforts. There are also several countries supporting the dodo box efforts and interested parties can contact EFVI UK directly to get in touch with your areas local rep, and if you don't have a local rep, they can tell you how you can be one.

    Do not let this slip through the woodwork, this is the future we are facing together as vapers, not just in the EU, but in the US and many other nations.


    For more information on what the TPD is please see this post by Clive Bates Updated info post: TPD – provisions relating to e-cigarettes « The counterfactual

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  2. Deejayh

    Deejayh Full Member

    Sep 11, 2013
    Nottingham, UK
    Great post
    Calling all ex pats of any country in the EU - You can support EFVI intiative - We need every vote we can get please
  3. VapeMeStoopid

    VapeMeStoopid Reviewer / Blogger Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 31, 2012
    There will be more posts coming from EFVI UK reps too :) Just compiling information to get on here :D
  4. BEARDEDAl53

    BEARDEDAl53 Senior Member

    Jun 21, 2014
    EFVI UK was set up in late February in an attempt to assist EFVI-EU with a dedicated Facebook feed page and Twitter feed In the beginning this was manned by approximately 5-6 volunteers .

    As time progressed it was decided that an EFV-UK support group (also based on Facebook) should be established to further our efforts. This was done in late March and currently is comprised of 32 members, who offer a vast array of talent - this is a closed group and membership by invitation only.

    Many ideas have manifested over the months but some key events are most notable:

    EFVI Launched 25/11 BUT delayed start (due to the EU-which is in the process of a challenge) until 12/1/14

    VTTV( began promoting EFVI in late February with assistance from the UK based forums. A massive surge of up to 1000 signatures per day, at its peak, were collected. This probably accounts for the majority of potentially active UK forum members signatures - by the end of March though, signatures had expectedly started to drop.

    Implementation of the Dodo-Box Scheme began. This is a way of collecting signatures in a purpose made, small, cute box used in bricks and mortar shops. The Dodo-Box in the UK was introduced with minimal delay on 10/4/14 . This idea with its specially tailored signature sheets(12on an A4 sheet)has proved very successful and popular with vendors and customers alike ,5700 signatures were collected in the first operating month of the scheme.

    500 Dodo-boxes were introduced to the 623 bricks and mortar shops and 48 market stalls around the UK - because the initial intention was to assist other countries in collecting signatures, a fund-raising scheme was introduced to collect funds for a further 1000 boxes. We were able to raise an additional £2000 in just 3 days time to fund the additional boxes

    Current countries assisted by the UK Dodo Box scheme include Ireland, Portugal, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, and Sweden . Design assistance has also been provided for the various language differences and Dodo-boxes have been redesigned for different nations. The close collaboration between EU countries has been a heartening sign over the last few months.

    Currently signature collections were being fuelled by online forums, various promotions by retailers, independent bloggers, twitter bomb campaigns and word of mouth. Vapers from all over the EU have collaborated together in a series of smaller online events to help raise awareness and bring in signatures.

    Two other methods exist to collect signatures but still need further work:

    on-line vendors
    street collections similar to what they are doing in Spain

    Because of the complexity of local laws, before anyone can collect signatures in the street or public areas, they must investigate their local laws to ensure they are in compliance.

    Anyone interested in helping Efvi in the UK please pm ,contact by e-mail or visit and post here on Fb
  5. BEARDEDAl53

    BEARDEDAl53 Senior Member

    Jun 21, 2014
    Please look at these maps showing the location of all KNOWN bricks and mortar shops and Market Stalls This map is the most detailed available in the UK and regularly updated to show progress


    1) Carefully scrutinise the map in your local area (are all shops on there ..if not contact the team (as in previous post)

    2) Offer help to distribute boxes and collect signatures from the shops to input into the EU system

    3) Offer Regional Co-Ordinators + Local Co-Ordinators your time as a dedicated signature input helper

    4) Assist in telephoning vendors to see if they require any possible assistance/ check to see if the box is doing as expected

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