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Aug 12, 2012
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    Long winded...I apologize in advance.

    One week ago I placed my first Discount Vapers order, so I thought I would write about my impressions. Of course I ordered during the worst weather in many years, so while DV shipped quickly...well, neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night...USPS took a while.

    First, a little about me. I was a 40+ year very heavy chain smoker. I stopped smoking and started vaping 17 months ago. It's been quite a journey. I normally vape unflavored liquid, so I don't need glass tanks. I mostly use different types of ego batteries and Kanger T2s. The T2 has always given me the best vape, warm and easy to use and maintain and holds a good amount of liquid. My biggest criticism of the T2 is that it is ugly. I'm a little shy when out and about because I don't like to "show my juice" and gunky wicks and all. So for out and about, I use an eVod...discreet is my motto.

    So about my order...this is what I got.

    2 DV BCC Clearomizers...1 in clear...1 in smoke
    2 Vision Victory kits
    1 650mAh ego-t battery
    1 DV 1300mAh battery
    1 eVod tank
    5 eVod 1.8 ohm coils

    First the eVod tank and coils were just that...and genuine.

    Second, unfortunately the 650mAh battery arrived doa. I emailed at 9:57pm CST, got a response at 10:16pm, and a replacement order at 10:17pm (this was 11:17pm EST). By morning, I had shipping info. No questions asked. Can't do much better than that. Really impressive CS.

    Next, the DV BCC clearo. Neat device. I have vaped thru 2 fills on the clear one with the original (2.4 ohm I think) coil. Works good. No leaks, occassional gurgle but nothing major. I can vape it all the way down. Easy to fill. I tried to put in a 1.8 ohm eVod coil, but it seemed like a hard fit and I didn't want to break it. I plan to order 1.8 ohm DV coils, and I bet it will be really good. Can't beat the price. Not sure it will replace my eVods for out and about, maybe the smoke colored one, but time will tell.

    Now for the two stars of the show.

    I really like the DV 1300mAh battery. How did they get 1300mAh in this small battery? It's just slightly longer than my 650mAh eVod battery, and just slightly thicker. The button light changing color as the battery runs down is a good feature. I will be getting a couple more of these for sure.

    Now the Vision Victory tank. This is the true star. With the included coil, I filled it and vaped it all the way down...good performance absolutely no leaks or gurgles. Next, I put on a 1.8ohm eVod coil and just WOW. Almost vaping nirvana. This will replace my trusty T2. It's a very attractive tank, I might even take it naked out in public. On the DV battery it just looks great and I'm good for several hours...just a true winner.

    I just couldn't be happier with the great CS, the DV battery and especially the Vision Victory tank.
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