Freehand gloom style squonk mod (mosfet) turn into mech?

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Aug 18, 2017
    anyone here able to give some kind of diagram on how to go about turning this particular mod (Limelight Freehand Gloom style/clone) into a proper mech without the mosfet?....or more to the point how the original mech version is something like put together to make the circuit......i`ve seen basic diagrams of tube mechs and get the idea but not too sure with this with the fire button been on the top and to the side instead of the bottom.

    basically i bought the clone mod and got about a weeks use out of it before it died on me :(
    i was enjoying using it for the brief period it worked and it felt great in the hand.
    anyway, i got refunded but was`nt asked to return it, so i`ve got a dead mod and don`t really want to throw it if possible....
    i have no experience with going about this kind of thing and barely understand the workings,
    i`ve mostly just used regulated mods and a few with mosfets, i briefly used the SMPL mech but did`nt like the bottom fire button so got an Atto tube mod with mosfet and side fire button,
    i understand battery safety and ohms law but going about anything like this would be totally new but i`m willing to try and learn as i go.
    initially it crossed my mind to try and repair it and keep as a mosfet mod, then i opened it up and thought maybe not lol, then i wondered if it would be better/simpler to turn into a proper mech, which would save it potentially dying on me again.

    ^^ vid of original mech version. (this is the "S" version but it looks pretty much the same as the Gloom)

    this vid around 6.10 he takes the 510 plate off and mentions insulation and
    "18G wire-the only one in the mod"

    i realise i may have to fashion something for the fire button like in the first video and a bit of drilling to the mod under the fire button to connect with battery and also a bit of soldering but how do the whole thing correctly i`m unsure.

    i thought i`d post in here and see what kind of response/help i may get.

    (hope i`ve posted in correct place too)

    thank you.
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