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Geekvape flint review

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Shone, Jan 10, 2019.

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  1. Shone

    Shone Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 22, 2017
    I received Geekvape flint kit from sourcemore for the purpose of this review.

    Geekvape flint comes in few colors:

    - Blue
    - Gunmetal
    - Black
    - Rainbow



    Flit mod:

    Size: 22 x 55.6mm
    Three voltage output: 3.2V-3.5V-3.8V
    Battery: built-in 1000mAh
    Charging: 5V 1A
    Low voltage warning: 3.3V±0.1V
    Vaping time: =10S
    Standby current: =10µA
    Resistance range: 0.5-3.0ohm
    Thread: 510

    Flint atomizer:

    Size: 22 x 26.3mm without drip tip
    Capacity: 2ml
    Coil: NS Coil 1.6ohm 6.4-9.0W(pre-installed)
    NS Coil 1.2ohm 8.5-12W
    Thread: 510 thread

    In the box:

    - Flint atomizer
    - Flint mod
    - Spare glass
    - Usb cable
    - Two coils
    - O rings


    Flint kit contains flint mod and flint atomizer and this device is a mtl device. This device comes in few different colors and I have the black one. Flint kit is a very compact kit, flint is 22mm in diameter, height of the kit is only 94mm. Very interesting and small device, because of the size this device is very pocket friendly and you can carry the device with you anywhere. This device has similar height as pod systems and this device is even shorter than some pod systems, but this device is way better than any pod system that I tryed. On the geekvape website, you can see that they said that this device is water resistant, so basiaclly in case that liquid for some reason end up on your mod you will be fine, which is very nice.


    Flint atomizer

    So lets's start from the atomizer, so this atomizer is made for mtl vape and this atomizer use pre made coils. On the atomizer you can see some details, on the top cap we have marked arrow, on the airflow control ring we have details that helps with airflow adjustment. From the bottom of the atomizer you can see engraved "Flint" and "Designed by Geekvape". Build quality is very good, thereasds are good and also color so far looks fine.


    Drip tip

    On the atomizer we can see the drip tip and this drip tip is not replaceable, so you can't use here any other drip tip, this will be a con for someone, but if you ask me this drip tip is very comfortable for using and even if I could change the drip tip here I would use this one, really very comfortable drip tip in my opinion.

    Top cap and tank:

    This atomizer has top fill system and here we have very nice top fill slide system. On the top cap we have marked arrow and in order to fill the tank you need to push the top cap and then fill the atomizer. When you slide the top cap you can see one big hole for e liquid and I think you will have no problem even with bigger bottle tip. I need to say that slide top fill system on this atomizer works very good and better than most atomizer with slide top fill system, there is no even 0.5mm play on the top cap, very nice top fill system. When you fill the atomizer there is no any leaking or gurgling.
    With atomizer you will receive two glass tanks, one tank will be pre installed and other one will be in the package, capacity is the same and capacity is 2ml, which should be okay for most people, anyway nice capacity for a very small tank.


    Base and coils

    On the base we can see the airflow control ring and ring has very nice details that helps with airflow adjustment and airflow ring works very good, it works just as it should and you can adjust your airflow without any problems. On the airflow control ring we have a stopper which I prefer. We have airflow holes here and we can choose one at the time. You can adjust airflow here for very tight mtl draw or for loose but still mtl draw which is very good, also there is no false air when you close the airflow, very nice.
    So with this atomizer in the package you will receive two coils. One coil comes pre installed, Ns coil with 1.6ohm resistance, recomended power is 6.4-9w, this is Ni80 coil. On the website you can see that this coil is very good with nic salt liquids. In the package you will receive one more coil and this one is the same. Also for this atomizer there is Ns coil with 1.2ohm resistance, recommended power for this coil is 8.5-12w, on the website you can see that this coil works better with regular e liquids.
    I need to say this because of beginners, before you fill the tank you need to prime the coil with few drops of e liquid and then you can fill the tank and you can vape, all that because to prevent dry hits.


    How this atomizer works and my thoughts

    Before everything I need to say that I am very impressed with build quality of the atomizer, especially with slide top fill system that works very good and without problems. Build quality is excelent and better than many rta's. Only con that I can pick for this atomizer is that you can't change the drip tip, personally I don't mind, I like to use this drip tip, but someone probably would like to change the drip tip.
    Now, I am using coil with 1.6ohm resistance and this coil works very solid. As I said the airflow control ring is good and I ike to use 3rd airflow hole, airflow is very smooth and it is not loud, but when you use the biggest hole it gets a little bit louder but it is still okay. Vapor production is good for mtl atomizer and here I tryed nic salt liquid with strawberry, raspberry, apple and menthol, 35 mg/ml and flavor is not muted at all, I can taste every single note from e liquid and strawberry dominates here, I am actually impressed with flavor. Throat hit is similar as regular liquid with 8mg nic on the rta.


    - You can't change the drip tip


    - Build quality is good
    - The airflow control ring works good
    - Nice airflow options
    - Very good flavor
    - There is no leaking
    - Great top fill system
    - Drip tip is comfortable in my opinion

    Flint mod

    Flint mod is a very small device, it is 22mm in diameter and height of the device is only 55mm. I received the device in black color and I personally like the color, so far there is no any scratches on the mod. You can see some details on the device, from the top of the device you can see engraved "Flint", also you can see here "Designed by Geekvape". On the device you can see engraved "Geekvape" and from the bottom of the device you can see the vent holes.

    From the top of the mod you can see the connection with very good threads and 510 gold plated pin. As I said this mod is 22mm in diameter and you can use atomizers up to 22mm in diameter without overhang, but of course 22mm atomizer will fit here perfectly.

    On this device we have the fire button that we will use for vaping and for some settings. The fire button is very clicky and it protrudes, so basically when you take the device to vape it is not hard to find the fire button. So far the fire button works good and I didn't have any problems with miss fire, everything is as it should be.

    On the other side of the mod you can see the usb port for charging the battery. This device has built in 1000mah battery which is great capacity for so small device and if you use nic salt with this device battery will last you very long. This device can be charged in 1h which is good. On the mod you can see the led light and this led light is battery indicator, which I personally like on this type of the devices.

    Led light:

    - Green: 70-100%
    - Blue: 31-69%
    - Red: 0-30%


    To turn on this device you need to click 5 times on the fire button, to turn it off you also need to click 5 times on the fire button. On this device you can change the output power which I like because that way you can improve the battery life. When you want to change the output power, you need to click on the fire button 3 times when the device is turned on and led light will show you the power:

    - Green: 3.8V
    - Blue: 3.5V
    - Red: 3.2V

    Also we have some protections here:

    - Over-heat protection
    - Low battery protection
    - Short circuit protection
    - 10s cut-off

    My thoughts

    First, I want to say that I like how small this device is and together with the atomizer in height it is still shorter than many pod systems and still this device works way better and it has power adjustment feature with battery indicator and on the atomizer we have very nice airflow adjustment which is very important. Also this device is water resistant which is a very good feature. I can't find any con for the mod, everything is as it should be and mod works very fine. This device is very good for beginners because it is very easy to use this device and it performs very good, also if you are advanced vaper and you want small device I can suggest you this one, I am very impressed with this device.


    - Very compact
    - 1000mah battery
    - Power adjustment
    - Battery indicator
    - Water resistant
    - 1A charging
    - Fire button is good

    Thanks to sourcemore
    But it here: Flint kit
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  2. smacuser

    smacuser Vapid Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jan 22, 2012
    Vape Augustine, FL
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