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GeekVape Zeus RTA. "Flavor-taker with one coil"

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Vape Path, Dec 26, 2017.

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  1. Vape Path

    Vape Path Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2017
    Russia, Moscow
    GeekVape designers found their muse even in ancient legends and myths. And today device - is a bright example of it. Here comes GeekVape Zeus RTA, guys – an atomizer named in honor of great Greece God, which rules the Olymp. Well, such a high rank must be proved with deal, am I right? And whether such a device has more pros, than cons? Let me tell you about it!


    Atomizer came to me in a transparent box with cardboard insert, where we can find the face of Zeus, some info about manufacturer, warnings and certificates and codes.


    GeekVape set is an axiom, and we all know, that this manufacturer make them great all the time!

    GeekVape Zeus RTA set:
    1 * GeekVape Zeus RTA atomizer;
    1 * Wide 810 drip tip;
    1 * Narrow 810 drip tip;
    1 * Multi driver;
    1 * Spare glass tube;
    1 * Adapter to 510 drip tip;
    2 * Coils;
    4 * Spare screws;
    11 * О-rings;
    1 * User manual;
    1 * Warranty card;
    1 * Atomizer business card;
    1 * Warning card​

    GeekVape Zeus RTA is fat, not really tall and is produced in 4 colors. I have no any critical comments about the quality of parts and assembly, maybe only, that half-skirt has a thin metal.

    GeekVape Zeus RTA parametres:
    Height: 49 mm;
    Diameter: 25 mm;
    Capacity: 4 ml;
    Color: Black, silver, grey, blue​

    GeekVape Zeus RTA consists of 7 parts: of base, half-skirt, glass tube, chamber with top deck, air control ring, top cap and drip tip.

    The base is deckles and allows to set only one middle coil (of course if you want it to be fully blown). The air intake to the upper airflow comes from two directions: from the dotted sides and from the bottom, which means a good flavor.
    Diagonally to slotted screws there are some cuts for cotton roll tips.
    The glass tube is of a middle width Pyrex glass, and if you break it – you can take another one from box.

    The half-skirt is made of a thin metal with 3 sides, where you can see «Zeus» sign. Also, it has 2 threads, which fixes top deck and the base of tank. Be careful for to not deform it!

    The chamber is monolithic to top deck and has 2 channels inside, where the bottom deck sides inserts. It turns around, and you can make the Zeus face be always on the face side of your device.
    The top deck has 2 middle holes for airflow and a protruding part of a shaft on the top for to fix top cap.
    As for the filling holes, they are middle too, and it won`t really be convenient for to use fat nozzles.
    When unscrew the parts of atomizer, you can take off the air control ring, but be careful: it`s of the same thin metal as half-skirt.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Top cap fixes to top deck with the help of special notches inside: you put it on and screw for about 15°.

    Pre-built drip tip is made of delrin, is empty inside and fixes to top cap with hidden o-ring. It has a small backlash, but works good and doesn`t want to be lost. If you don`t like it – please use two other types from the box or use your 510 one with the help of special adapter.

    GeekVape Zeus RTA specifications:
    Base: For one coil, deckles;
    Airflow: Top;
    Filling: Top;
    Thread: 510
    Drip tip: 810, 510 (with adapter)​

    The build of coils and cotton is really simple, besides the moment, that you need to find the optimal length of coil legs.

    Easy service;
    Rich set;
    No leaks;
    Quality and assembly;

    Thin metal of a half skirt

    I thought, that GeekVape Zeus RTA will be a sredstatic tank, which after review will be put on the shelf. But it break my expectations, and now I use it every day and for e-liquid degustation.
    GeekVape Zeus RTA has no leaks, great flavor (this is in the chain with top airflow!), 4 ml capacity and easy to service. Plus a rich set here and comfortable price, and we get a really great device, which will suite almost all vapers!

    You can buy it here.
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