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Oct 21, 2009
Lampasas Texas

    Do you like the Torrone?

    I was just talking to my USA manuf. and they have discountinued it, but I can still get it with request.
    I think it is a heavy flavor, but hey...that is what some of us want.
    I can get double or even any level of flavor that u want.

    The GP USA line is going to increase very soon.
    I am going to work on getting the 10mls cheaper to the other "USA made" liquids that are going around...
    but it is tough, why???
    Because GP USA is truly 100% USA ... including the nicotine.
    Most others use china nic, and umm that is cheaper!

    The flavorings are USA made.
    The PG is USP USA and
    the VG is USP Kosher USA grade.

    I am seriously selling this at almost cost.

    Rob, My mom, my girlfriend, and I all LOVE the torrone. Money is kind of tight right now and we would have to split a 30ml bottle 3 ways lol.

    Sending you a pm!
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