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GS VV MOD aka Vision Tox

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Omnipanzer, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Omnipanzer

    Omnipanzer Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011
    Hello again,

    Per usual I would like to point out that I am just a normal vaper that reviews what he purchases in hopes of informing fellow vapers. I'm a firm believer in learning from the triumphs and mistakes of others. Today I'm going to give my initial impressions of my new GS VV MOD purchased over at GP. There is also a rather disastrous pbusardo review located here linked for posterity. I'm a big fan of pbusardo's reviews but I'm having a slightly different experience and I have a very different POV.

    The GS VV MOD is my first foray into the VV world and I have to say that I think I'm already ruined for my Roughstack. getting the far more consistent hit time after time is ruining me for my previous favorite PV. Lets get into it shall we?

    Items used for today:

    GS VV MOD control unit
    GS VV MOD battery tube (18650)

    Sony 3000 mAh unprotected Li-ion 18650
    AW 1600 mAh unprotected high drain Li-ion 18650
    Orbtronic 2900 mAh protected Panasonic cell Li-ion 18650
    Ultrafire 3000 mAh protected Li-ion 18650

    Boge 2.0 LR
    Boge 3.0 HV

    Initial impressions:

    Build quality (as has been panned many times before) is not great. For example the batt compartment instead of being 3 pieces (tube, cap and spring) is probably 9 pieces, 4 for the cap alone. When you put the two together it makes a singular somewhat solid unit that I wish fit a tad more tightly at the break seem. The seems on the Control unit I received are much better than the one from the pbusardo review most evident in the much more exacting fit of the button. It does not wiggle around and there is no room to push it to one side or the other. It has a satisfactory click that does not leave you questioning whether you depressed it enough or not and it doesn't feel like the top is going to pop of and spin away like a top. The only other items on that side of the control module is the slot for the lanyard and the two rubber fillers for the screw holes. Around to the front (or back) is the teeny tiny display which is just big enough to display hit count, time since last hit (useless for me), time and date (useless [more on that in a minute]), and voltage setting.

    The controls for the VV are intuitive, I had no problem figuring out how to set everything up before I realized the button function manual was even included. If you've ever owned a 5 dollar digital watch when you were a kid you can handle this with no problem. Luckily you can quickly jump in and set your voltage to suit your needs in seconds which is a good thing because you'll be doing it a lot. Why would I need to emphasize that point? because there is no memory on this unit. What does that mean? it means every time you swap your batt... you know that process you go through at least once a day, clears all your settings. Don't waste your time setting the time and date and resolve yourself to the fact that you will reset the voltage at every batt swap. Finally it has a nice display that shows your hit count and batt storage level which are nice touches. I like that I can see when I might need to change out the batt as opposed to guessing because as we all know the one thing you don't want to do to a li-ion batt is to drain it there by lowering it effectiveness and lifespan.

    Putting it through it's paces:

    I started with my new favorite Orbtronic batteries... insert PIR loosing horns here. Too big, they would not fit no matter how hard I tried _(%$_(*%_$#_@)*_)$. Okay so then I tried the crapiest batts it's been my displeasure to spend money on which are the Ultrafires. They fit with some finessing. So it looks like you can use protected batts but they had better be the more low profile version. Then I went strait to my AWs as they are the shortest and the only batt my Roughstack has a problem making contact with (I have to stack a penny on them to get them to work). They fit perfectly, it's almost as if it was made for them. Although completely unnessisary to point out, the Sony batts that are only a skosh taller fit fine as well. That is fine I'll save my Orbtronics for the Roughstack and use my still very tried and true AWs for the new GS VV.

    With the Boge 2.0 LR cartos this thing fires great at 3.7-3.9v. This was another spot pbusard had a problem that I'm not able to replicate. This thing is giving me consistent hit after hit on the LR at the lower voltages. I then bumped up the voltage to 4.5-4.7v and the 2.0 carto sounds satisfactorily like it's burning up. switching over to a 3.0 at that voltage give a nice even vape that is completely satisfying and again it remains consistent. Finally my unit never crapped out like pbusardos did which is of course a major bonus for me and I've been using the same batt for a cumulative 8 hours of vaping as I type this.

    Side note: I'm a huge fan of pbusardo's reviews and am happy he's a part of the community as I've learned a ton from him and he's helped me miss a few potholes along the way. as a matter of fact if I'd seen his review prior to the purchase I would not have gotten it. I am only using comparisons from the vid linked above as I felt it entirely relevant.

    I go away from this experience truly truly hoping and praying that they make a vv module for the Roughstack. :vapor:

    As always thanks for taking the time to read my review and I hope I helped someone out.

    2012-05-30_08-40-17_171.jpg - Break down
    2012-05-30_08-40-37_246.jpg - Control module
    2012-05-30_08-40-46_851.jpg - 510 connector
    2012-05-30_08-41-18_117.jpg - Down the tube
    2012-05-30_08-41-25_779.jpg - Batt cap
  2. Omnipanzer

    Omnipanzer Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011
    2012-05-30_08-45-53_876.jpg - side by side with my Roughstack Maxi
    2012-05-30_08-42-42_994.jpg - Button sitting

    Two more pics

    I think this is a revised unit or newer version from the one pbusardo had. The differences are minor but for the better.
  3. Omnipanzer

    Omnipanzer Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011
    Oops needs moved to the APV reviews threads section I think.
    If a mod would be so kind I would be very appreciative.
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