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Has anyone tried vaping from the Uwell Crown RBA?

Discussion in 'Sub-Ohm' started by NDK2010, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. ShowerHead

    ShowerHead Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 23, 2014
    I've got two of these creatures. One, vapes fine with no leaks (S-wick).
    Other, leaked twice. After the second leak, once cleaned, never registers resistance. Even with a straight piece of wire.
    The airflow base is fine, any coil (except this RBA) reads fine.

    I'm about over this tank.
  2. Two_Bears

    Two_Bears Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 4, 2015
    Northern Arizona
    grimmgreen is not a fan of the Crown RTA either.

    I almost bought one till I got sticker shock. $35 for the tank and another $15 for the RBA.

    For $11 I can build a Kayfun Nano or Goblin Mini clones from fasttech, of $22 a Billow V2 Nano (possibly a clone on eBay.)
  3. T0mmy1977

    T0mmy1977 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 1, 2015
    I have the Crown and am a big fan of the pre-built coils, but the RBA leaves much to be desired.
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  4. ariffza

    ariffza Full Member

    Jun 21, 2015
    Hate the RBAs as well. I only use pre-built coils now. I've even misplaced the RBA and didn't even bother looking for it.
  5. ShowerHead

    ShowerHead Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 23, 2014
    Funny thing. I received a replacement RBA and after wicking, it reads open on my CoilMaster base. Reads open (Check Atomizer) on my SX Mini M.
    So, either I have two devices that just don't like the RBA section or there is something amiss with the airflow base.
    Factory coils read fine on this airflow base though. No problem on any device with the other tank/airflow base.
    Tightened it just for the heck of it and presto, resistance.

    A lot of drama for something that costs what this does. Leaks, finicky connection, and for me not the best factory service. Took forever to get them to understand I wasn't asking how to wick it but that it simply did not work.

    I have two of these but really look fondly at my two STMs and may well go back to them.
  6. izen

    izen Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 2, 2013
    Some of you guys give up too easily...

    Crown RTA wicking

    Addendum: I did eventually get a slight leak after a top refill. After a few more tops-ups (from the bottom only), yes pun intended - though not a very good one... pun that is; This RDA has remained BONE dry. I like building my own. Not quite as fast a change-over as slipping in a new factory coil, but it's still very satisfying, and far less expensive in the long run. The tank itself is Quality!

    The RBA does have a somewhat reduced airflow, even wide open, when compared to the factory coils, but for me... it's so what? Vape is good. I like it. it's always YMMV.
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