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Hello I am new wanted to say hi:)

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Jan 5, 2014
Athens, Greece
    I use this one at the same site. You don't need to worry about measuring PG liquid and VG liquid or measuring nicotine, since it's all together in your base -- so don't worry about that bit at all, just put in 0 (zero) for "Base nicotine e-liquid" and 0 (zero) for "target." Set pg/vg for both at 100. We're doing this just so it will ignore all this bit that you don't have to measure out from different bottles, and just give you percentages for your ready-made base and your flavor.

    So, doing it this way: say you are using flavor at 10%, and you want to make 20 ml. Your recipe calculation would look basically like this. You need to add 2 ml of your flavor to 18 ml of your base. Ignore that it says "PG" for the base. That's just because we set it all to 100% PG for convenience since you don't need to add together PG and VG base liquid.

    You can add more flavors up to 9 with this caculator.

    That's just one way to solve the problem. Don't feel discouraged! We were all quite confused at one point when we started!! *hug*
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