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Hello World!

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Jun 7, 2015
Mississippi, US
    Thanks for all your support in this thread, folks. What was I smoking, analogue-wise? Probably 10-20 a day, packet tobacco with menthol tips. Funny, I got up to go for a smoke earlier... forgetting I don't smoke any more. So, I'm probably using about 4mls of 18mg/24 hours. Looking around here, I see that that's not what I'm taking in though, it's like 20% of that. I kicked the patch yesterday. Yeah that wasn't working. It wasn't helping my oral fixation or whatever it is. More importantly, it wasn't me having something to do with my hands, to have with my coffee, to sit and puff away on while thinking, and writing. It wasn't satisfying my desire for nicotine, either, whatever it is I'm really taking in, it wasn't doing it. Plus I can smoke this indoors. Turns out I was smoking less than I thought, and I'm still smoking less than the tobacco companies would lead me to believe. I guess that means it was more habit. I knew that though. I don't miss those analogues, not one iota. I'm already NOT going back to those crappy things. Sometimes we quit, and sometimes we really quit, right? Do you know what the difference is here? I made all the decisions on what to use. If anyone is reading this that wants to quit analogues... do your research. The cig-lookalikes might be for you. I personally tried to quit like 10 times with them. Never got past a week. This baby works.

    for sure the compulsion is the hardest thing! After I ate, after I woke up, one right before bed, game raid night, heavily into a good book, ect. This vape made quitting so easy, I can still hit that compulsion without all the mess in an analog. And I believe even if I backed the nic level to 0 eventually, I would still enjoy vaping. Major plus, everyone always says "daaaaaaang you smell like bananas/fruit/bubblegum" instead of the turn-my-nose-away-from-the-smoke-smell lol
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