Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA 28mm

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  • Apr 26, 2019

    Hi, today let's take a look at the MAX version of Dead Rabbit rda By Hellvape.
    In this Test I will examine each of the characteristics that distinguish it. I hope by the end of this reading you have understood this new vaporizer, and decide whether to invest in it or not. As always, my reviews are free and based on my personal experience.

    ► Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max rda; Before starting let's see together the main characteristics indicated by the manufacturer:
    • Large diameter of 28mm
    • Large capacity of eliquid, 7mm deep tank
    • Superior stainless steel construction
    • Double overhead post, quad-termainal design
    • Two terminals for post
    • Upper side fixed with flat head screws
    • Double coil configuration
    • Double X-shaped airflow control system
    • Drip-Tip 810 Large hole tip
    • 510 threaded connection with BF pin

    ► Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA; Packaging:
    The compact package in a fiery red color shows on the front; the Hellvape logo, that of the famous dead rabbit in the "Max" version, a window with a view of the product inside, the wording 28mm and the large shaded "MAX" writing which also extends to the side of the box.
    On the back are present; the characteristics, parameters, packing list, logos & trademarks required by law.


    On the remaining parts of the package we find; the numeric code (21-21) associated with this product, a stylized drawing of the tank, the name of the product (Dead Rabbit MAX 28mm), the slogan "Evolve your vaping genius", the scratch & check, an adhesive label with the batch number and the indication on the color of this sample.



    ► Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA; Packing List:
    • 1 x Dead Rabbit Max RDA
    • 2 x 0.2Ω NI 80 Coils
    • 2 x Cotton laces
    • 1 x Coil cutting tool
    • 1 x BF pin
    • 1 x Bag of accessories
    • 1 x User Manual


    ► Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA; Specifications:
    • Dimensions: Ø28mm x 37mm
    • Weight: 60g
    • Drip Tip: 810
    • Coil type: Dual Coil


    ► Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA; Available colours:
    • SS
    • Totally Black
    • Gunmetal
    • Gold
    • Red
    • Military green
    • Black red


    ► Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA; First impressions:
    Dead Rabbit Max RDA as the name suggests and with its 28mm base is larger than all its predecessors. It retains the classic four post deck to allow for both single and dual coil builds and is made from durable stainless steel. It is supplied by Hellvape in a range of seven different colors. The two specimens I got for this test are; Gunmetal and Matte Full Black, both appear nicely painted and could by themselves and with the addition of the SS version please the tastes of almost any vaper's. The large size of this 28mm RDA might scare some of you, in reality the diameter from the bottom to the top is reduced, taking on an almost compact appearance. On the outer central part there is the new Hellvape rabbit logo, simplified with only ears and eyes, in reality the eye section doubles as the vents.

    Of course, when you choose to use an RDA of this size it is important to combine it with MODs that are able to contain it without external protrusions. I find that Dead Rabbit Max RDA goes very well for Lost Vape's Squonk a Centaurus 21700 BF Mod, while for Dripping-style uses there are countless 2x 18650 high performance Mods on the market that can handle it. In this case I chose the combination with the powerful Augvape VX 217 Mod with 2 x 21700 cells.


    Attention to detail, sturdy construction, fine couplings, perfect sealing of the o-rings are all factors that Hellvape has accustomed us to for some time. This RDA is also completely removable for an accurate and meticulous cleaning of the parts.

    The tub has reached an e-liquid capacity never seen before on Hellvape products! 7ml of e-liquid capacity allow a dripping-style use on traditional Mods without having to continuously drip liquid into the tank. However, for a further autonomy of vaping, the kit includes a perforated pin for use with Mod BF Squonk.



    According to Hellvape, the round structure of the poles on the Deck introduced with Dead Rabbit 3, allows a homogeneous and enveloping air circulation around the coils. The lateral AFC system passes from the honeycomb configuration of Dead Rabbit 3 to the current one with double "X" characterized by a large air flow for DL uses, therefore for great aromatic performances and for maximum production of clouds of steam.

    The external structure of the Top Cap is wide at the base to contain the large 28mm deck, the structure narrows in the center where it contains the Dead Rabbit logo and the X-patterned slots of the AFC. At the top, the structure joins towards the Drip-Tip with a large 45 ° bevel. The large internal diameter 810 Drip Tip is firmly bound to the top-cap by a large o'ring.

    The two "X" -shaped openings are opposite (2 + 2) and by rotating the top-cap they can be partially opened, fully closed or fully open (2 + 2) or 50% (1 + 1) .

    Internally the Top Cap features a massive dome construction and this should undoubtedly help dissipate heat optimally. It is interesting to observe the internal conformation of the bell with its different diameters designed to compress the empty spaces around the Deck and to maximize the steam generated by the Coils. Inside it can also be seen how the two "X" shaped air ducts are "softly" arranged to optimally "embrace" the round profile of the coils. I really like the rotation lock that allows you to screw / unscrew this RDA with ease from the Mods. The rotation of the AFC by about 45 ° allows you to direct the air flow towards the coils in a rather large radius, but not so wide as with the previous honeycomb system used on Dead Rabbit 3 RDA.



    The deck has two large side o-rings for a perfect seal against leaks. On the bottom of the very deep tank, right in the center, there is the hole for the squonk, the liquid capacity of this RDA is therefore very high ... 7mm depth of the tank is really a lot for a 28mm wide RDA, better this way.

    The steel base of Dead Rabbit MAX has many laser writings on the bottom and indifferently hosts a solid or perforated pin (included in the kit).


    ► Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA; Build:
    I used the coils and the cotton supplied in the kit, then with the coil-tool (included) I cut the legs to a length of 5mm.


    It is extremely simple to insert the two coils from the top into the Deck, all that remains is to tighten the convenient screws with the screwdriver supplied and straighten both coils.



    After a short pre-activation of the coils to remove any hot-spots, all that remains is to insert the comfortable cotton laces included in the kit and cut them to the right size.

    Dead Rabbit Max RDA requires a lot of cotton because the depth of the tank is considerable. After inserting the cotton it is necessary to wet it with e-liquid, reposition the chamber and refill with e-liquid from above, or use the tank with the perforated pin and on top of a BF mod.


    ► Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA; Vaping test:
    The two 0.2Ω coils in NI 80 (present in the kit) once cottoned gave me a final resistive value of 0.11Ω. During the test I used a PG / VG 70/30 red fruit liquid that I know very well, the test continued using Dead Rabbit Max RDA in both Drip & BF modes.

    Coils fire quickly at 70W, however at 80W I found my sweet spot, with great flavor rendering followed by large cloud sizes.
    The body temperature of this RDA always remains quite low even by adjusting the AFC system to 50% of its aperture, the large thickness of stainless steel used in the construction of this RDA seems to dissipate heat optimally. Another big advantage of Dead Rabbit Max over other RDAs is undoubtedly the depth of its tank which can store a lot of e-liquid, the number of Puffs increases by a lot before having to drip or squonk again.

    So all very well, even the larger dimensions of the deck that go from 24mm to 28mm greatly facilitate beginners who do not have particular manual skills in the builds. However, I would have preferred that Hellvape had kept the previous AFC system of Dead Rabbit 3, in fact the design of the honeycomb holes was more precise in the regulation of the air flow. Fortunately, the new AFC does not penalize too much the flavor of the new Dead Rabbit Max RDA, which in my opinion ranks together with Dead Rabbit-3 among the best choices we can currently make for a new RDA vaporizer.

    Although Hellvape Dead Rabbit Max RDA is not yet available to the public, I recommend that you purchase one once it is released. You will surely be satisfied with your choice.

    Thanks for reading.

    Thanks to Hellvape for sending me the sample for review.
    Dead Rabbit Max RDA -Hellvape - The DIY atomizer leading brand

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