Help me identify an old mod

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Jan 29, 2010
New Jersey
I've pulled out all my ecig stuff that I've collected now that I'm back on them, and while I can identify everything else, this little gal has left me stumped. It's a VV mod from back when VV was becoming a thing (mid-to-late 2010?), and generated a lot of excitement on the forum back when it was introduced due to its small size and VV.

It's a standard 510 threaded mod (with a who-knows-how-old carto in it that I just can't seem to get out) and takes 2 10440 batteries in serial. I'm pretty sure it was built by a forum member here back then, but since I can't even remember what it's called, it's also entirely likely I'm wrong about that.

Here's it closed in my Trumpian hands, so you can see it's pretty tiny (the wheel is the VV pot):


And with the battery compartment open with some ancient batteries in it that are about to be recycled (you open the battery compartment by wedging the halves apart, and a nickle fits perfectly):


It's been driving me crazy trying to remember what this thing is, so here's hoping someone here does.
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