Hi Def Review Of The Mini Hellfire

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Nov 9, 2008
    Why can i not get mine setup right. The resistance keeps reading .8 and I can't get it higher with .20mm wire and 4 wraps. Been trying all night. My coil keeps popping and snapping from the heat.

    hi mate,

    all those type of issues are down to the wick not being 100% oxidised and creating a short. i know you are probably absolutely certain that you have oxidised enough, but please bare in mind that the oxidisation is just an extremely thin layer of carbon and if a single pin head of that carbon breaks off then it will cause a short if the wire is running across it or if it is in contact with any metal part of the Line (electricity will always take the path of least resistance)

    for example, sometimes wrapping the wire too tight can be enough to crack the oxidisation and expose the conductive metal underneath :(

    but try this method as its so simple to do and works a treat every single time:-

    it basically leaves a perfectly formed layer of oxidisation directly underneath each coil :D


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