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How to register on ECF

Discussion in 'New Members Information' started by rolygate, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. rolygate

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    Sep 24, 2009
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    1. Click the green Register button at top right of the forum front page.

    Click on Register button - photo

    2. Fill your date of birth, then click the button at right 'Proceed'.

    Proceed - photo

    3. Choose a username. In the picture, JanetX has been typed. The forum has accepted it (it is not already in use, so it is OK). The name should be easily readable, of 4 letters or more, not be offensive, and not be a business name, website name or email address.

    Choose a username - photo

    4. Then fill your chosen password, twice, and your email address, twice. We recommend that you:

    You should save these important details in a file on your computer and a written note somewhere.

    We recommend you copy 'n paste the password into the registration form, from the note on your computer - it's far easier than trying to type it out. A password that is easily typed is probably no good - it needs to be a mix of at least 10 numbers, letters and capital letters.

    You will need to reply to the confirmation email the forum sends you. If you don't reply to the email, the registration will not complete. Therefore, you MUST get the email address right.

    -see above for picture-

    5. Type the 2 words/numbers in the Captcha test, with a space between. In the picture shown, it is:
    43886435 6

    If you can't read it properly, get a new test by pressing the button with two rotating arrows, as shown.

    Captcha (anti-bot) test - photo

    6. Scroll down, enter your location.

    You can leave all the other settings as they are.

    7. Check the box 'I agree............'. (This means place your cursor [mouse arrow] over the small empty box and click in it.)

    Then go to the bottom right and click on the Complete Registration button.

    Check the 'I Agree' box - photo

    8. An email will be sent to you with a link in it you must click. When you have done this, the registration is complete and you can login using your chosen username and password.

    YOU MUST REPLY TO THE EMAIL WE SEND YOU - or the registration will not complete.

    KEEP YOUR ECF USERNAME AND PASSWORD SAFE AND CONFIDENTIAL. Also keep a note of the email address you used.

    You are now an ECF Member. Congratulations!
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