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Hurrincane Vapor?

Discussion in 'Requests for Opinions/Reviews' started by Zelphie, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Zelphie

    Zelphie Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 29, 2010
    S.E. Michigan
    Just wondering if anyone has tried them, and what your experience was with their eliquid. If so, anyone try the Sunshine Cured Tobacco?
    Any input would be helpful, but since they sell sample sizes Im sure Ill make my over there eventaully.
  2. chainsaw316

    chainsaw316 Full Member

    Feb 23, 2012
    New Jersey
    Hurricane Vapors make pretty good juices. I honestly think their Vice City Ice is a good menthol (Liquorice/Peppermint inhale, smooth exhale) and their Toasted Amber Tobacco, first time I tried it, tasted ALOT like a Lucky Strike to me...not so much now that I've vaped it pretty often. Belgian Tobacco isn't really for me and Sunshine was kinda weak (at 24mg) so I've got 2 I would order again and they have a new one that seems interesting coming out soon.

    Go with the samplers first, as always.
  3. misterholidayhouse

    misterholidayhouse Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 13, 2013
    Central Oregon
    I was searching for opinions on Hurricane Vapor Storm Juice and really haven't found anything other than this thread, so let's bring it back to life. I have tried two so far. I ordered sampler sizes of the Florida Orange Creamsicle, the recently released Sunset Cavendish, and Toasted Amber Tobacco. The toasted Amber was shown as available when I placed the order but was not shipped and is currently on backorder. They did include a hand written note addressing this on my delivery invoice, and will ship it later with free postage. No biggie though that was the primary flavor I wanted to try..

    Florida Orange Creamsicle: Really hard to describe, though you'd think it would be simple. I ordered mine in 70/30 blend, anticipating a good TH with the expected creamsicle flavor. The TH is in fact nice. Just right. The literal flavor is spot on but must be appreciated in the right setting. It is VERY subtle. I'm mainly a tobacco guy and was expecting something good but also something that I would probably have to put down after a few minutes from sweetness overload.. NOT the case. Again, it is a very subtle (and spot on) creamsicle flavor enveloped in a rich and velvety, but somewhat dry, delivery. You really have to take the time to roll it around and especially let it into your sinuses, to fully appreciate the excellent flavor. I re-orded a 30ML bottle this morning and am going with 50/50 blend at 18% nic this time as it may accentuate the flavor a bit more, which would be nice. I like it and I didn't think I would.

    Sunset Cavendish: This one has me undecided.. It is an excellent vape but seems to be slightly lacking in flavor for me. The taste is fairly dry and mellow with a rich light tobacco undertone. Velvety is the word that comes to mind again. Slightly buttery. Minimal TH. Not particularly sweet, but no harsh or bitter tastes whatsoever. Quite nice overall and it is very satisfying if you are craving a good fix. Plumes of thick vapor from the 50/50 blend! Love that! On the fence and didn't re-order for now. Their flavors are interesting and play well with my device too. I seem to get extra mileage from these juices, which is great!

    Also currently on order are Peaches & Irish Cream, (more Florida Orange Creamsicle -who'd a thunk..), and Galleta Dulce. As a primarily tobacco kind of guy and a former 25 year cigarette smoker, these would have been a stretch for me, but after seeing first hand how these juices have a kind of stealthy and subtle way of delivering their own unique experience, leaving me quite satisfied and wanting more, I'm quite intrigued and I went for it. I might pop back here and let you know how those work out.

    Edit: I wanted to state that I vaped my sample bottles right off the bat so a little steeping time may make for a little more flavor, which I wouldn't mind at all.
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