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I cannot use Ekowool in my KangerTech EVOD

Discussion in 'Tanks, clearomizers and drop-in coils' started by zandersig, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. zandersig

    zandersig Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 13, 2013
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Okay check this out (sorry it's so long), I can put the twisted silica wick (2mm) with 5 wraps of 32AWG in my Evod and put a 2mm flavor wick on top of the coil and I can vape at any angle and no juice will come through the mouthpiece but it doesn't have full flavor. This is while using a Joyetech 650mAh Twist battery running it at 3.6 volts.

    Now, I have tried 2mm, 1.5mm and 1mm Ekowool with 5 wraps of 32AWG on all those sizes of Ekowool and I have used a flavor wick of Ekowool and I have also tried a silica flavor wick. The flavor from the Ekowool is awesome but when I use it ejuice will always come up and out of the mouthpiece. I hate it that it does this because I want to use the Ekowool because it tastes soooo much better but I can't stand getting mouthfuls of ejuice. I have to run my volts at 4.0 to get a lot of vapor and to get the sizzle sound. I have also put the little white caps butted up against each other with the silica and the Ekowool and I think the flavor wick and the butted up white caps helps a lot to stop the leaking with the plain nasty tasting silica wick but it doesn't help at all with the Ekowool wick.

    Now when I used the 2mm or 1.5mm Ekowool It was really hard to get air flow through them so tonight I used the 1mm Ekowool and at 4.0 volts it worked awesome. Massive vapor clouds and awesome taste but the juice is being pulled up through the mouthpiece and I can't stand it.

    Does anyone know of something else I can try to stop the juice from coming up/down the mouthpiece?

    When I was using the plain silica wick I could lay down on my back on my bed and hold my vaping system completely upside down and not have to worry about any ejuice leaking and getting into my mouth.

    What I think the problem is is that the Ekowool is sucking up a lot of juice and it's got no where to go except out of the mouthpiece and when I'm vaping the mouthpiece acts like a straw and it goes into my mouth and I have è!k threw up about 5 times ý of this crazy problem. Please someone help.

    I have used the same juice with both kinds of wick and I get a 1.9ohm with the Ekowool and about a 2.2ohm with the silica wick but for some reason I have to crank my battery up to 4.0 volts while using the Ekowool.

    Man I wish I could fix the Ekowool from pouring juice into my mouth cause it has a way better taste than the old silica wick does.

    What can I do to fix this? I want to use the Ekowool but without the ejuice coming up and out the mouthpiece and into my mouth..... yuck!

    Thanks for any help you can give me to fix this.
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