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iJoy Captain Link 100W

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Jun 7, 2021.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    iJoy Captain Link 1.jpg

    iJoy Captain Link Kit 100W by Sourcemore

    Captain Link Kit goes to augment iJoy's "Captain" family. The new Mod Mod can be powered by a 18650 cell (with reducer) or by a 21700 and is capable of providing a maximum power of 100 W.
    The updated Univ S 2.0 chipset communicates with a 0.96 "color TFT screen, fast charging is type C.
    The Captain Pod Tank has 5ml capacity, adopts double slit bottom airflow. The Tank is compatible with new Mesh and Clapton type coils. According to iJoy these Coils are able to offer excellent flavor and a long shelf life.
    Enjoy the reading.

    The black cardboard box on the front shows; the image of the kit, some main features and the words "iJoy Captain Link Kit" as well as the logo, both in elegant Gold color.

    On the back of the package are present; the specifications, content, scratch & check, logos, trademarks, barcode, color of the sample contained in the package and address of Shenzhen iJoy Technology Co. Ltd.

    iJoy Captain Link 2.jpg

    Packing List:
    1 * iJoy Captain Link Mod
    1 * iJoy Captain Pod Tank
    1 * L15 Clapton Mesh Coil 0.15Ω Range 60-80W (Pre-installed)
    1 * L5 Mesh Coil 0.5Ω Range 30-50w
    1 * 18650 battery adapter
    1 * Type-C Cable
    1 * User Manual
    1 * Warranty Card

    iJoy Captain Link 3.jpg

    • Thread: 510
    • Material: zinc alloy, silicone and PCTG
    • Dimensions: 40x30x140mm
    • Univ S 2.0 chipset
    • Screen: 0.96 inch
    • Battery: single 18650/21700
    • Maximum power: 5-100W
    • Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0Ω
    • Modes: Power, Temp, TCR
    • Temperature Range: 150-300 ° C / 300-600 ° F
    • Output Current: 0-45A
    • Output Voltage Range: 0-8V
    • Charging: Type-C 5V / 1.5A
    • Tank dimensions: Ø25x49mm
    • Liquid capacity: 5ml
    • Type of filling: Bottom filling

    iJoy Captain Link 4.jpg

    Available colours:
    I received the Green version of Captain Link for this test, the different choices seem to differ only in the color of the mask which is chromatically matched to the adjustment buttons (Fire, Up, Down).
    • Black, SS, Blue, Green, Red.

    iJoy Captain Link 5.jpg

    First impressions:

    This is my first review of an iJoy product. For this and other reasons I was very curious to try this Kit.
    Since VooPoo started using the classic "circular" tank with fixed drip-tip for DL / RDL and bottom refill, all the main competitors have copied and re-proposed their versions on the theme.
    The magnetic base with adjustable AFC could not escape the same fate; convenient and brilliant to apply the Pod to the classic Mods through the 510 thread. It is a simple and winning solution, however there are updated "circular Pods" with replaceable Drip-Tip and refill from the top.

    I found other similarities with a very famous and beautiful product from GeeKvape. Captain Link and Aegis Max, in fact, both use a 18650/21700 cell for a Max power of 100W.
    The two Mods look pretty similar (in anti-shock type of construction). Sure the Aegis is full IP-67 (Tri-Proof), however I never thought about vaping in the shower.
    So for some reasons I believe that the iJoy Link can be a valid and economical alternative, for example, to the competitor VooPoo X Plus which accuses some volt / battery management problems with MTL atomizers installed.
    Captain Link is in fact a suitable choice for those who want to use MTL atomizers without voltage drops occurring during cell discharge.
    The small size of iJoy Captain Link, its beautiful finishes, the constant power delivery with different types of coils and the possibility of hosting a large 21700 cell seem to be excellent premises ...
    I just have to continue to better evaluate this kit.

    iJoy Captain Link 6.jpg

    As I anticipated, the small dimensions are almost record-breaking and the weight is not excessive. Captain Link is very solid and despite being made of zinc alloy it also feels quite light. The four inserts in soft silicone rubber are well positioned and their "striped" surface texture is very pleasant in contact with the fingers.
    The handle is really ergonomic with a sizing almost equivalent to that of a tube-mech or semi-mech with 21700. However here we have a nice 0.96 "color display. That's why I feel like saying that iJoy with Captain Link has made a rational work on the dimensions, without neglecting the aesthetic part that is captivating.

    iJoy Captain Link 7.jpg

    Side view:
    The frame is in Zinc alloy and the armor (green in this case) ... I think it is made of aluminum is screwed to the mod by means of two torx screws and extends from one side to the other covering the entire rear part dedicated to the handle.
    In the center we find the silicone rubber element (1 per side), during the vape this insert comes into contact with the hand and fingers, thus creating comfort and grip. The panels are connected with the front part in order to narrow the section, otherwise towards the handle the panels and the armor take on a rounded shape to improve the feeling with the palm of the hand.

    iJoy Captain Link 8.jpg

    Front and back view:
    The screen crosses the entire front area and houses a bright 0.96 "color display in the center that shows all the information useful for vaping.
    The Fire, Up and Down keys are slightly protruding, easy to reach and take up the color of the armor. Below we find the Type-C 5V / 1.5A charging socket.

    The back (handle) is the most elaborate area of the Mod, the rounded shape is comfortable and the rubbery inserts inserted in the armor vary a little the look compared to the usual eco leather. Personally, I really like this solution for its utility (grip), tactile and aesthetic feeling.

    iJoy Captain Link 9.jpg

    Top and bottom view:
    The 510 threaded cup is screwed to the mod via 3 torx screws and has a gold-plated floating pin for better electrical conductivity. Captain Link can accommodate atomizers up to a diameter of 25 / 26mm without protrusion.

    On the bottom we find the screw cap of the compartment / battery.
    The cap has 3 safety holes for venting and a convenient lifting handle to facilitate cell change. The thread of the cap on the mod has a good smoothness.

    iJoy Captain Link 10.jpg
  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    18650/21700 batteries:
    To indicate the correct direction of insertion of the cell, the cap bears the symbol of the negative pole on the inside and on the bottom of the Mod we find the symbol of the positive pole. To insert an 18650 cell you can use the plastic reducer contained in the kit.

    iJoy Captain Link 11.jpg

    Compatibility atomaizer:
    iJoy Captain Link Kit adopts an atomizer for RDL / DL vaping, however nothing prevents you from installing your favorite atomizer for MTL vaping.
    I have tried several tanks of 22 and 24mm in diameter with excellent aesthetic results.

    iJoy Captain Link 12.jpg

    iJoy Captain Pod Tank:
    The Classico Pod / Tank adopts 510 magnetic base with adjustable Airflow. The Pod with fixed drip tip has the liquid refill from the bottom and the coils are of the "press and fit" type.
    This is the umpteenth proposal with a circular design that adds nothing to what has already been seen previously, however it is a reliable and tested system and for this reason it is very much in vogue.
    The Tank contains up to 5ml of e-liquid, the great transparency allows a quick visual check of the internal liquid level.

    iJoy Captain Link 13.jpg

    Captain link Coil:
    Two different resistors are included in the kit, it is a L15 Clapton Mesh Coil of 0.15Ω with Range 60-80W (Pre-installed) and a L5 Mesh Coil of 0.5Ω with Range 30-50w.
    I used one of my favorite flavors (TOB Hypnos) 70/30 with this kit and both coils seemed to me to be very performing, certainly at the level of the best resistors in this category. The new Coils start immediately at full capacity and without strange flavors.
    The L15 pushes very hard already starting from 60W, with AFC wide open it produces a nice dense and abundant vapor, the puff is silent, not too airy, at 70W the steam is not too hot but this is at the expense of battery consumption.
    I find the L5 resistance perfect for RDL by closing the AFC and setting the Mod to 30W you also get a decent Vaping autonomy, at 40W it radically changes the character becoming similar to the previous one. The aroma becomes consistent and the clouds rise, the vapor is never hot, this is also a really nice coil.

    iJoy Captain Link 14.jpg

    How to use:
    • 5 clicks to turn on / off, the display graphics are beautiful, bright and colorful, they are present; indications on the battery charge level, set power, duration / time of the last puff, total number of puffs, ohms, volts.
    • Pressing the Up / Down buttons together locks the mod and it is not possible to vape
    • Press the Up / Fire or Down / fire buttons together to access the brightness adjustment, with the Up / Down buttons you can choose the brightness level.
    • To enter the setup press the fire key 3 times, scrolling with the Up / down keys you can choose these settings and adjust them; power, Theme (4 colors), Momery (4 memories M1-M2-M3-M4) TC-TCR, TI, SS, NI. Once you have selected the interface with the fire button you can make the changes by navigating with the Up / Down buttons and confirm your choice with the Fire button.
    * If you do not make any changes, after a few seconds of non-use the device resets the previously used mode.

    iJoy Captain Link 15.jpg

    Conclusions and thanks:
    Hoping to have been as comprehensive as possible, I greet you and conclude by briefly summarizing my impressions during my test.
    Definitely this is a good kit to be used in RDL / DL. The Captain Link is small, sturdy and with good finishes, I also like it aesthetically!
    The updated Univ S 2.0 chipset pushes hard and offers many adjustment possibilities and is sufficiently precise in the indications.
    Battery management / life is average for other low-cost Chinese circuits, however there are no voltage drops throughout the battery life cycle until the last puff.
    Captain Link Mod for these characteristics of the chipset and for its small size lends itself to be used also with MTL atomizers, moreover the possibility of installing a 21700 cell makes it interesting for those looking for longer life than the usual Mod with cell 18650.

    The product is available from Sourcemore at a price of $ 31.99 approximately € 26.31 by entering the code: LINK
    IJOY Captain Link Kit 100W 5ml Pod Mod Kit

    iJoy Captain Link 16.jpg
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