Inexpensive Atomizer Holder/Display

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Jan 27, 2020
Eugene, OR
    I have quite a few attys and the DIY holder/displays I had made were full. So I started brainstorming and I came up with a solution that worked for me. I thought I'd share it with my ECF friends.

    I guess I didn't actually post these pics correctly, but you can view them by clicking on the word Imgur in the big black boxes.

    My original holders were made with 2x2" or 1x2" wood pieces. I drilled large holes for the 510s, then glued large flat washers onto the holes. (See pics)
    I painted/stained/put carbon fiber on the wood prior to the drilling and gluing. The washers and wood I bought at Home Depot and the projects were relatively cheap. They work fine, but I kept getting more gear and ran out of room. I also don't like sanding, gluing and waiting for paint to dry.... so I moved onto the Pegboard!!! (see pics). The Pegboard holds a lot more!!!!

    I bought the pegboard at Home Depot: Everbilt 16 in. x 16 in. Interconnecting Plastic Pegboard in Black 50 lbs-17961 - The Home Depot

    You may have to drill some of the holes out a little bit because the holes in the pegboard are 1/4", and some attys don't want to just slide into said holes because of the threading. This is cheaper than making ones out of wood as well. No painting needed, and since the pegboard is plastic, easy to wipe juice and crud off of. I have a plastic shelving unit in my home office, so I mounted the pegboard right into the shelf.

    It's not the greatest, or most beautiful storage available, but works for me, and the price is right.
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