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RDA Interesting, the Vulcan RDA.

Discussion in 'RDA' started by treehead, Jul 2, 2014.

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  1. ddkl7780

    ddkl7780 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 8, 2014
    Las vegas
    My V is removed to increase airflow its a decent atty with good well. Wouldnt say its the best if youre looking for huge clouds but it performs pretty well and has good flavor. Its all about your coil placement and wicking with this atty. if you wick it just right and set that coil perfect youll get nice clouds.
  2. Daniel Ragusa

    Daniel Ragusa New Member

    Jan 21, 2015
    I just picked one of these up today. mine is a clone but I did check it against a genuine and their was no difference.
    With that being said I really disliked the "V" air flow. I do like the cut out design of it and didn't want to change it. So I drilled a 1/4 inch (or slightly smaller) on each side, just above the box with the "Vulcan" near the "V".
    Air flow now is supreme. Im running dual micro coils with 26 guage kenthal,putting down 0.3 ohms. I am also using a massive widebore drip tip, thats almost the same radius as the mod itself.
    I have to say I love this RDA and the heat sinks, they really do prevent my battery from heating up.
  3. HangGlide

    HangGlide Full Member

    Jan 10, 2015
    I had mine for a week and loved it - Best flavor I've ever had, of course I haven't owned many RDAs. However, my mod with Vulcan, rolled off of a 30" high desktop onto a linoleum floor and stripped the threads outs. I heard of a trick to use aluminum foil - I had my doubts but it worked. Folded foil in half, cut a strip, wrapped around threads twice, screwed into mod and seems pretty stable - for now.

    Does anybody know how threads are made on RDAs, or even mods for that matter - such as 510 (7mm x .5), are they Class 1, 2, or 3 (loose, med, tight) threads ? I'm thinking Class 1 loose fit. I wish the industry would go to something like ProVari's "P3" connector to make these more robust.
  4. senseone760

    senseone760 Full Member

    Feb 12, 2015
    San Diego
    I got this RDA about 16 months ago for under $20 bucks. Since then I've bought at least a dozen RDA's from Plume Veil, TOBH, Doge, Freakshow, UD, and that time many atomizers have gone the way of cotton in a medicine container. The Vulcan however, has never left my "Table-O-Vape". First off, THUMB SCREWS: I mean thank GOD for thumb screws. Then the well is deeper than a Coldplay song. Tons of room for wicking or some extra juice. If you have leakage, turn the piece upside down and make it a "MULCAN". It will effect airflow but not if you build for it. Also, any store will use their drill press for you and easily turn the V which is the air inlet into a hole, maybe even add an extra hole? I've also used a black plastic TOBH clone, just the middle piece that has 3 air holes on each side, and it fits like a 1:1...doesn't look as good but WOW. I took a screw driver and just made the V air hole bigger.
    Just putting it out there for anyone: there are no Authentic or Clones of this RDA. They are ALL the same. 101vape or fastech has em for under 20 bucks, a B&M tries to sell em for $60 in SoCal. Bottom line is this is an incredibly strong, well built solid RDA. In SS or Black, this is the car that has 700,000 miles on it and still runs. Plus, I've dropped it countless times with no damage and could break a window with the thing. (Not advised).

    Sorry, just had to put it out there, even if this thread is a decade old. I don't know.
  5. senseone760

    senseone760 Full Member

    Feb 12, 2015
    San Diego
    It actually DOES say Vulcan and not Mulcan. I have two of these, they run $14.99 in San Diego..I have one that is stock so to speak and then I have one where I had a shop use a drill press and punch a hole in the "V" part. It does add a bit, but it's not that noticeable. And the Vulcan base fits with any TOBH RDA too, be it the stainless steel/copper, or the black plastic one. But I DID try to say it was Mulcan but apparently I was incorrect. Great RDA though and for $14.99, perfect. I have never in my life seen this RDA for over $24.99.
    And there are no clones or authentics of The Vulcan. It's just what it is.
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