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Issues with a few vendors

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Discussion' started by oxygen thief, Oct 5, 2014.

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  1. oxygen thief

    oxygen thief Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 26, 2012
    If I post something here that isn't correct(i.e. I misread something, please correct. thanks)

    --How much money does it take to get labels that don't 'rub off'? How much more can decent labels cost? How long till we get standardized labels: Born on, expiration date, PG/VG ratio, etc. How long till we know every 'sketchy' additives to juice? Proprietary PG/VG ratio? Get real because I won't buy from you. Transparency, from every vendor. Thank you to the vendors already leading the way, nicoticket for example. MVB another.

    Why are vendors maxing out at 18 mg or less? I like 24 mg and sometimes up to 36 mg occasionally. I'm not alone. There are great juices that I will order in 18 mg but I don't like it. Are we kowtowing to the FDA? Screw the FDA. They are lost ducks already.

    All About Vapor: I started my vaping career with these hometown guys, nice folks. Bought an ego t upgrade and juice. Every juice on their site that I've seen rates 3 stars. I asked them about this. No reply. Look at their prices on Aspire products. Ridiculous. But hey, for $5 they will deliver free within 10 miles. I'm not ordering pizza plus that's a disadvantage to them, you want people IN the store. On the plus side they go up to 36 mg on their juice if you can figure out which ones to order.

    Namber Juice ie Never Juice: I saw their Caramelized Banana and another and thought, that looks good. $10 for 15 ml plus over $6 shipping. That's Five Pawns pricing if you want one flavor. No 30 ml bottles, so no lower pricing for bigger bottles, so you have to reorder more and pay that shipping fee every time. Sure, you can stock up to offset shipping but what if you just want to sample one flavor? Five Pawns is $27.50 free priority shipping for 30 ml with awesome packaging. Plus, to me, they have more than proven themselves.
    Namber, $20+$6 regular USPS shipping. That is 5 Pawns pricing but without free Priority shipping. Plus, I could care less about reading about the Grimm/Namber love affair. (toot toot). People crucify 5 Pawns..why not Namber? Maybe they do. I used to watch Grimm's reviews occasionally. Not now. Some of his reviews are, buy this!

    Ms T's: I would never buy from a company that can't ship within a few days. It shows me that if they can't manage that part of their business then they most likely are running around like a chicken with their head cut off and that shows a systemic problem. If I want Snickerdoodle cookie I'll buy them from Walmart and gain 5 pounds in two days. It's almost worth it but they screw their employees so I don't go their either.

    Alien Vapor: Ripoff artists. Check this. "Boba's Bounty® is a Registered Trademark of Alien Vapor Enterprises L.L.C. [​IMG]

    If I was a lawyer I would represent AVE to sue these guys, no charge to Ben. Totally inappropriate flavors on their site that are harming this industry. They prey on new or confused vapers. It is an easy mistake to make. I told them this a long time ago. Buy from Alien Visions(AVE). Do not buy from "Alien Vapor". Ben worked his butt off to come up with these flavors only to be scammed.

    These are just a few companies and other than Alien Vapor, remember, ripoff artists.

    These other companies can run their business as they please. If you love Namber Juice, then it's worth it to you. If you love Five Pawns then it's worth it to you.

    If you have the patience and the knack for making great juice yourself then DIY is the best deal by far every single time. How many people don't have the knack or for other reasons don't want nicotine at home? Who can DIY the really great flavors that some vendors have made for years? Bobas Bounty comes to mind. Still, if that's your thing...

    These are my opinions and I don't want to just single out a few vendors but jeez, how many vendors are there now? How many trap doors to fall through? Buyer beware is just not good enough.
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