J-wraps custom fidget spinners

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Nov 28, 2009
By now we are sure that you either have one, used one or looked into getting one.
Jwraps started manufacturing spinners well before the hype, craze and increase in their popularity.

How does a spinner correlate to vaping; we were often asked.
The answer is simple. We feel that spinners actually have a close relationship with vaping, mostly due to the increase in fidgeting many people experience when they begin their journey to becoming tobacco free.
Most smokers who go into a vape shop looking to quit smoking do not realize how much they are addicted to the hand to mouth "habit".
The first few weeks of vaping can be rather hard for some. The body; even though still consuming nicotine is also missing old "habits". The fidget spinners; in our opinion helps to fill that void. The ability to have something else to fidget with aids in keeping your mind busy. Something that is small enough to carry anywhere and everywhere while intriguing the mind. We noticed customers who came in the shop to buy a new set up also picked up a spinner, and typically came back for more.
All said it was so much fun and rewarding to helped others stay focused more on their day to day activities rather then thinking: " man, I am so restless/stressed, I need a cigarette".

At JWraps we are always looking ahead and thinking of products we can create that people will truly enjoy using. The majority of our products are centered around the vaping community. However; we also have a large variety of other products aimed towards different markets. Sometimes we are able to make products that will be used by everyone.

Here are some pictures of our spinners, all designed and manufactured by us here in the U.S.A

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