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Discussion in 'Joyetech eRoll *Mini*' started by NatsumiKurosaki, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. NatsumiKurosaki

    NatsumiKurosaki New Member

    Feb 15, 2016
    I purchased a EVIC from joytech like two months ago, the device stopped charging and then started saying that the atomizer doesn't work. I contacted joytech and asked for their help, they took forever to respond and when they did even after giving them proof that I bought the device they said they can't help me. My boyfriends device did the same thing. Their products suck and their service is even worse. I am highly disappointed. I also looked up other people's comments and they said the same thing happened to their device from them and some of them didn't even get a response from joytech. I am warning people before they buy from them that the product could fail and the service is ten times worse. Before you buy it do research. Many people had the same problem I did. So now I am stuck with a fairly new device that doesn't work at all anymore and joytech won't do anything about it.
  2. Kandem

    Kandem Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 3, 2015
    Nova Scotia Canada
    I actually like my Joyetech devices. I have an EVIC mini-VTC and a Cuboid. I did have one problem with my VTC as the spring in the 510 receptacle either weakened beyond its limit, or it broke. The pin would get stuck in at the bottom and short out causing either an atomizer short warning or check atomizer. This was simple enough to figure out on my own. I didn't require a replacement from Joyetech but contacting them was a breeze. What happened was that I was using a Kanger STM and the 510 threading was a tad bit too long, which in turn, forced the pin in the mod down past where the spring would be effective. I was using a rubber spacer since day one because I knew of this problem through research prior to purchasing it. To fix it, I just made a thinner spacer from an old single ply drum head that I had from my drum set. Works like a charm and no further problems. I have had zero problems with my cuboid, in fact I use it more than my VTC-mini. It sucks that you are miffed at the company, but if you just google a solution to whatever problem you are having, you can mitigate contacting the company. Don't forget, Shenzhen Joyetech is a Chinese company and they very thinly understand english, so if you send them a long email rant of what problem you are having, then either they will dissmiss it, or take a long time trying to figure out what you are saying. It's a good idea to include pictures as well. I'm not being racist, it's just what I have found about the company. Keep it short and to the point and include pics. You should have luck with them.

    good luck with it.
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