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Juice swaps - USA - Please read first post for rules and guidelines

Discussion in 'Pay It Forward - PIF' started by loxmythe, May 6, 2013.

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  1. rangerrobin

    rangerrobin Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2014
    Sonoma County, CA
    Updated list for trade:

    Blue Dot Vapors
    Santa Cruz - 0mg, 30/70vg, 10ml
    Titan - 0mg, 30/70vg, 10ml
    63 Maui
    Hoku - 1.5mg, 20/80vg, 14ml

    Blaxk Axis Juice Co.
    Cinnilla Bun Shake - 1.5mg, Max VG, 29ml Traded with spada
    Very Berry Crunch -1.5mg, Max VG, 29ml

    Blue Dot Vapors
    Blues Greek Yogurt - 1.5mg, Max VG, 28ml
    Maui Sunset - 1.5mg, 30/70vg, 5ml

    Carpe Diem Vapor
    Munch Crunch - 1.5mg, 30/70vg, 29ml
    Peach Patch - 1.5mg, 50/50, 10ml

    Cloud Provisions
    Linus - 1.5mg, 20/80vg, 29ml

    DB Liquids
    Peanut Butter Bonanza - 1.5mg, Max VG, 9ml

    Mitten Vapors
    3 Day Weekend - 1.5mg, Max VG, 10ml
    4 Day Weekend - 1.5mg, Max VG, 10ml
    Titty Sprinkles - 1.5mg, Max VG, 10ml

    Sloth Sauce
    Apple Dumpling - 1.5mg, 20/80vg, 14ml
    Cranberry Nilla Custard - 1.5mg, 20/80vg, 10ml
    Iced Oatmeal Cookie - 1.5mg, 20/80vg, 25ml

    Vapor Trails NW
    Mana Potion - 1.5mg, Max VG, 30ml Traded with spada
    Sasquatch - 1.5mg, Max VG, 29ml Traded with spada
    Slims Ejuice
    Creme le Creme - 2mg, Max VG, 10ml
    Drunken Turtle - 2mg, Max VG, 8ml
    Monkey Fart - 2mg, Max VG, 10ml
    Sticky Monkey - 2mg, Max VG, 10ml

    Blue Dot Vapors
    In The Loop - 3mg, 13/87vg, 29ml
    Sticks & Stones - 3mg, 19/81vg, 29ml

    Cake N Bake Factory
    Choc O Lot - 3mg, Max VG, 30ml, glass
    P.B. Cheesey - 3mg, Max VG, 30ml, glass

    Coval Vapes
    Nana Puddin - 3mg, 30/70vg, 17ml, glass

    DB Liquids
    Mango Dragon Madness - 3mg, Max VG, 10ml
    Sapphire - 3mg, Max VG, 7ml

    Good Life Vapor
    Mini Skirt - 3mg, vendor's mix, 7ml

    Initial Ejuice
    AE-86 - 3mg, vendor's mix, 15ml
    EK-9 - 3mg, vendor's mix, 15ml
    R-34 - 3mg, vendor's mix, 15ml

    ITC Vapes
    Loopy Fruit - 3mg, Max VG, 15ml

    Rumblepup Steam Elixir
    Batildo - 3mg, 30/70vg, 10ml
    Isla - 3mg, 30/70vg, 10ml
    Tigre - 3mg, 30/70vg, 10ml

    Steam Juice
    Crunch Ala Berry - 3mg, vendor's mix, 28ml, glass

    Von Vape
    Vanilla and Caramel - 3mg, 100% vg, 15ml, glass sealed
    To Be Vaping
    Fire & Powder - 8mg, vendor's mix, 30ml

    I'm looking for 0mg to 3mg, high VG, sweet, creamy, bakery, dessert, and some tobacco flavors. NO mint, menthol, clove or anise please. If you see something you like, please PM me. Doesn't have to be mls for mls, could be more of mine for something good. Thanks for looking!
  2. Kevin O
    This message by Kevin O has been removed from public view. Deleted by a moderator, Dec 2, 2016.
    Nov 27, 2016
  3. AnthonyB

    AnthonyB Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jul 5, 2010
    Sydney Australia
    I have something for tobacco and tea vape lovers.

    You may have heard of a vendor called Myvapejuice that sold a vast range of Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET’s), tea and flavoured juices. The business owner decided to call it quits and had some fantastic liquidation sales. I picked up a lot of her VG extracts which were on sale for crazy low prices in August of this year (2016). The problem is I have too much and want to trade some of it because there is no way I can vape all these extracts. I will be generous!

    The extracts are kept in 30 ml Brown Boston bottles and have been stored at below room temperature (it has been winter in Australia since I purchased them) in a dark place. Please note that I am in Australia so there will be some shipping overheads and I am willing to compromise on an uneven trade deal as I should bear the brunt of the shipping overheads on the trade. Did I mention that I would be generous ?!

    The extracts need to be mixed in PG/VG and nicotine to suit. The recommended mixing ratio for the extracts is 20-25% so each bottle of 30 ml extract makes 120-150ml of vapeable juice. The juices have been bottled in amber boston bottles with caps so are properly preserved. I have a range of tobacco extracts and teas. I will package in bubble wrap to ensure there is no breakage.

    I will swap for whatever you have got! Liquids, tanks, coils, Mods, whatever it is you want to trade. I have heaps of these extracts.

    Here is a list of what I have:

    VG Vape Cornell & Diehl Old Joe Kranz
    5V 404 Golden Cigar
    Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Cigar
    VG VAPE Obsidian Pipe Tobacco
    PST 667 Black Majesty Blend Pipe Tobacco
    Sutliff Private Stock Blend No 5 Pipe Tobacco

    VG VAPE Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea
    VG VAPE Chamomile Tea
    VG VAPE Black Cherry Berry Tea
    VG VAPE Mother's Day Floral Tea
    V G VAPE Gingered Peach Tea
    VG VAPE Mellow Peppermint Tea

    VG VAPE BKR565 Cherry Cavendish Blend Pipe Tobacco
    VG VAPE H & H Signature Louisiana Red Pipe Tobacco
    VG VAPE Davidoff Flake Medallions Pipe Tobacco
    VG VAPE Sutliff Private Stock Blue Danube Pipe Tobacco
    VG VAPE Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Pipe Tobacco

    VG VAPE Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club Great Hiatus Pipe Tobacco
    HOY 433 Hoyo Excalibur Cigar
    VG VAPE Ashton Winding Road Pipe Tobacco
    Country Squire Raisin Rum Tobacco
    Country Squire Original Tobacco

    VG VAPE Hearth & Home Signature LJ Heart Burley Pipe Tobacco
    VG VAPE H & H Signature Capitol Stairs Pipe Tobacco
    Drew Estate Meat Pie
    Earl Grey

    Havana 7 CT Broadleaf Tobacco
    CT Broadleaf Tobacco
    Indonesian Bezuki Tobacco
    Indonesian Sumatra Tobacco
    Virginia Light Flue Cured Tobacco
    American Virginia Flue Cured Smooth Tobacco
    Cameroon Seco Tobacco
    Aged Burley

    Uncut Burley
    Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured
    Golden Cigar
    Dark Air Cured Fronto Tobacco
    Bright Leaf Virginia Flue Cured Sweet Tobacco

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  4. Jim bigam

    Jim bigam Full Member

    Nov 30, 2016
    I just bought two 10ml bottles of MBV hawk sauce and thug juice based on all the glorious reviews and I don't like the flavors at all. Does anyone want to trade some e juice you don't like/want? I used exactly 30 drops from each bottle. I'm actually looking for some Extreme ice or green apple if someone has that. The bottles I have are 50/50 12mg nic.
  5. Tyler Hodges

    Tyler Hodges New Member

    Jun 12, 2017
    I have quite a bit I would like to trade! I haven't tried very many types of juice so not sure what I would like...I'm interested in anything sweet like cotton candy and have really been wanting to try 120 cream pop orange dreamsicle but I'm open to anything other than custards.

    I have 100 ml bottle of killer kustard (vanilla custard)
    Filled one 3 ml tank and it's not for me so 97 ml. Brand new, got it 3 days ago.
  6. Ldaraio

    Ldaraio New Member

    Jul 30, 2017
    Hi, I'm new on here. I justed started vaping to quit smoking cigarettes and by surprise I have managed to quit, going on 2 weeks now. Ok so i have a couple juices i dont like and am willing to trade. All of them are in glass bottles with the dropper.

    What i have:

    Liquid State Vapors
    Orange Dream 15 ml. 12mg. 80vg 20pg
    Cowboy Cobbler 15ml. 12mg. 80vg 20pg

    Bomb Bombz
    God's Gift About 10ml. 12 mg. 70vg 30pg

    Vape Crusaders
    Vanish 4:14 About 8ml. 12mg. 70vg 30pg

    Slotter Pop
    Grape White About 30ml. Omg. Max VG

    Cow Clouds
    Strawberries & Cream Full bottle not sure if its a 30ml or smaller 3mg

    What I'm looking for:
    I am willing to trade for 6 mg or below. I am looking for coffee, candy, or dessert flavors. Two of my favorite flavors I am looking for is salted caramel macchiato or cinnaroo. Thanks for looking.
  7. VirginiaSlim805

    VirginiaSlim805 Full Member Verified Member

    Feb 2, 2011
    Ventura, CA
    I have the following juices up for trade


    Puddin King

    3mg, 30/70vg
    Expires: Unknown. Not printed on bottle. I ordered it on 8/21 and it arrived on 8/25
    60ml glass bottle w/dropper
    Missing about 2-3ml
    Described as a rice pudding with cinnamon.

    Corn King
    3mg, 30/70vg
    Expires: Unknown. Not printed on bottle. I ordered it on 8/21 and it arrived on 8/25
    60ml glass bottle w/dropper
    Missing about 2-3ml
    Described as Subtle hints of flaky corn bread, honey, and butter.

    Bread King

    3mg, 30/70vg
    Expires: Unknown. Not printed on bottle. I ordered it on 8/21 and it arrived on 8/25
    60ml glass bottle w/dropper
    Missing about 2-3ml
    Described as a fried cake doughnut with hints of cream and lemon filling.


    3mg, 20/80vg
    Expires: Unknown, but has batch number 03/03/17. I ordered it on 8/21 and it arrived on 8/25
    60ml plastic squeezy bottle
    Missing a few drops
    Described as fresh squeezed orange juice and crisp sparkling champagne


    3mg, 35/65vg
    Expires: Unknown. Not printed on bottle. I ordered it on 8/21 and it arrived on 8/25
    60mg glass bottle w/dropper
    Missing about 1ml
    Described as a moist, yellow cupcake, and topped with an Irish cream-infused sweet butter cream frosting
    MY DISCLAIMER ABOUT THIS ONE: The flavors are spot on, but this stuff is disgustingly sweet.

    7 DAZE
    Red’s Apple Juice

    3mg, 20/80vg
    Expires: 4/18
    60mg glass bottle w/dropper and new unused unicorn bottle
    Missing about 4-5ml
    Described as a delicious crisp red apple flavor, that will remind you of your favorite apple juice.

    Looking to Trade for any of these

    These two are my ADV and will happily take either of these from anyone parting with theirs 3mg ONLY
    King’s Crest
    Duchess Reserve 3mg
    Ripe Vapes
    VCT Private reserve 3mg

    These I’m looking to try in 3mg ONLY
    **Marina Vape
    Marshmallow Man 2

    **Beard Vape Co.
    No 51

    Killer Kustard

    The Milkman
    Little Dipper

    Liquid EFX
    Fried Cream Cakes

    Liquid State
    Apple Butter
  8. ~shadow~

    ~shadow~ New Member

    Aug 24, 2012
    I have a bottle of 3mg 70/30 mix pumpkin spice juice that is too strongly flavored for me. I have never made a post for the treasure chest, but I am looking to swap it for something else if anyone is interested. I think it's a 20ml bottle but I need to check when I get home. It's not bad, and it is only about a week old, I just expected something different.

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