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Juicy Vapors Batch Review

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by 6spdsurfer, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. 6spdsurfer

    6spdsurfer Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 11, 2012
    Fredericksburg, VA
    Ok everyone,

    Let's get down to the whole reason I first joined this forum. I started amassing a large collection of different e-liquids by different companies and realized, what good are trying all these if I can't share my unadulterated, no-holds-barred subjective commentary on each and every single one? But seriously, since you all probably don't know me, I'll start every single review (because trust me, a lot more will be coming) with a quick break-down of my set up so you know what I vaped it on, and if anything has changed.

    Let me also preface this with again with the disclaimer that I am not paid by anybody. These are just my thoughts as a single vaper and must be taken in context knowing full well that everybody's tastes are different, and that your experiences may be different than mine. That being said, I've read these forums quite a bit before ever joining, and some of your reviews are what led me to certain e-liquid crafters over others, and your reviews gave me a better idea of what the actual taste should be compared to the website's description. These reviews are offered not as a definitive buy or don't buy recommendation, but more as a guidance and expectation setter for those who want to venture out.

    During these reviews, I was using a VV with either a Liquinator tank or my Nova Vision V2 tank. The Liquinator I run exclusively on 4.0 and the Nova heads were switched at one point running at 4.0-4.2 on the 2.4 ohm and 3.5-3.7 on the 1.8 ohm. Also all juices reviewed are at 18mg nicotine.

    Now to the different juices, and you better be ready for quite the read considering I'm going to review every single Juicy Vapors juice I have.

    Arctic Berry- First, background. I used to smoke menthols, so I'm a huge fan of the menthol flavor, along with any wintergreen, mint, spearmint (much less so than the other two but a fan none the less) and any other flavor that resembles anything in the minty line. Arctic Berry enticed me since I thought to myself, I like menthol, I like berries, they must be good together. And there I fell into the first pitfall of my vaping career. The menthol flavor in this juice is a blast to your face while the berry is almost non-existent. The flavor immediately reminded me of a Luden's cough drop and not in the most pleasant way. I'm used to most big name manufactures putting Arctic on drinks, gum, food, and just about everything out there to hint at the fact that whatever it is has a minty flavor to it, but good lord. This stuff is strong. The vapor production is not too bad. Not too heavy and definitely not light. Overall, it's going to be a tough time getting though this whole bottle.

    Wake-N-Vape- After my first experience with the Arctic Berry flavor, I was almost scared to try the next one I had. On the website, they claimed that this flavor had become one of their favorite morning vapes in the office (psh, office). Let me tell you though, For a solid 2 weeks, this liquid sat in my Liquinator for the sole use of morning use. What a wonderful vape this was! It's a solid coffee flavor with different undertones that set it off in just the right way. Now, I can tell you that I'm a 4 cup a morning coffee drinker and that my girlfriend won't ever touch the stuff, and that might describe my affinity for this liquid and her absolute distaste for it, but I know there are some coffee flavors out there that even turn me off (i.e. French Vanilla). The best part about it is the fact that it has a great throat hit. Anyone that was used to drinking coffee in the morning with a cigarette knows exactly what I mean when you say you need that throat hit when you first wake up. This is it. You won't be disappointed on this one in any sense of the word.

    Berry Ale- Ok, sounds amazing. I love ale. As already stated, I love berry. So with Berry Ale, I already had high expectations. Maybe a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat taste. Nope. If you've ever smelled those home made wax candles, you've got the taste already. I have no idea why, but this flavoring was off. I figured it might have been I didn't steep it long enough when I put it in the carto. So I let it sit for another week or two, and loaded it up in the tank, and same exact taste. Can't figure this one out. Didn't taste berry. Didn't taste ale. That is unless they dropped a candle in it for about 3 weeks and made sure it was flat before serving it up. No idea.

    Blueberry Lemon Iced Tea- So at this point I'm starting to realize a trend. Hit, miss. Hit, miss. Never fails. This stuff is pretty good. Great vapor production. Amazing flavor. I mostly get lemon, which tastes like real lemon, then the iced tea sets in, and then undertones of blueberry. Very faint, but also very present. Great level of flavors in this one matched with an equally amazing throat hit. It's kind of hard to describe, but well worth a try.

    Peach Mint- Good lord. Ok, peach and mint. Again, love the idea. I won't spend too much time on this one. Mint is all I taste. The end. I'm not going to review mint. Too much. Never again.

    Lime Coconut Iced Green Tea- Now this stuff was pretty good. Lime is strong and present. The coconut is not overpowering, and since I don't really like coconut the lime just sets this juice off. The green tea is definitely there in the background and more or less tones the whole thing down and just kind of rounds it out. I really enjoyed this vape as well until I had one too many real berry ales and ran through a whole tank in a night. Had to lay off of it for a couple weeks, but when I did come back to it and load it up again, it was just as refreshing as the first time. I'd definitely at least give this one a chance to see if it's something you can vape while sitting outside one of these nice summer nights. They just seem to go together.

    Key Lime Cake- Again, love key lime pie. Figured this was a gimme. The flavoring wasn't too off either. It did taste like key lime somewhat, but it was definitely a fake key lime taste. If you've ever had the key lime yogurt flavors, you've had this vape. Tastes the exact same. Definitely not bad, but definitely not realistic. Really I can't complain about this one, considering it had good vapor production, but not a good throat hit. I could see myself vaping this one again, but definitely not going to be a large order.

    Bacon Wrapped Poppers- What can I say. Again, I love jalepeno poppers. Just had to try this one... in a 3ml bottle. I really don't know what to say about it at all. Really doesn't taste much like jalepeno poppers. Enough said.

    Well that wraps it up. If you read it all, more power to you! Also look for many more reviews coming. Maybe next time I won't wait so long and have to write you all a book, but hey, it's better than multiple posts right?


    Arctic Berry=Extreme Ludens
    Wake-N-Vape=Coffee delight
    Berry Ale=Might as well bite a candle
    Blueberry Lemon Iced Tea=Summer vape special
    Peach Mint=What peach?
    Lime Coconut Iced Green Tea=I'm on the beach vape!
    Key Lime Cake=Smoking yogurt
    Bacon Wrapped Poppers=What?

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