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Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by equazcion, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. equazcion

    equazcion Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 24, 2008
    New York City, USA
    I have to post this, begrudgingly, as I think people need to know.

    I've ordered from these folks a lot, and the orders are always accurate and arrive pretty quickly.

    The problem came when I tried to post a negative review of a product using their review system.

    They sell the KR808D USB manual passthrough. I love this product, when it works, but that is unfortunately only within the first month or two of use. After that, it dies. I've purchased around 30 of these so far due to this issue, and this is not supposed to be a consumable product.

    After my last order, I received an email from LiteCigUSA requesting that I review the product. So I posted my review stating my experience. It was promptly deleted.

    I then tried to re-post the review, and got a message saying I had already posted one, and asking if I'd like to edit it. I realized it was pointing me to a review I'd posted a long time ago and forgotten about. So I updated that review. It, too, was deleted shortly thereafter.

    Here's the copy/pasted text of the last updated review I had posted:

    "This passthrough is great when it's new, but I've had to buy dozens of them because they die completely after one to two months.

    If they were any more expensive I wouldn't buy them, because they basically are disposable products. So it gets the job done, as long as you're willing to re-purchase them continually. Until I can find a better alternative, this does the job.

    For those wondering why I continue to order these, the review says it -- I just don't know where to get something that lasts. Other 808D passthroughs from other resellers appear to be the same product. I don't want to switch e-cig lines from the 808D, as I've tried many others and this is the only one that's been able to curb my cravings. I also hate using batteries.

    My review had put the displayed star rating of this product below its current five-star rating to four and a half. Now that it's been deleted, the product is back up to five stars. I've seen other reviews appear sporadically from longtime owners who have had this problem, but most reviews are from new users who are ecstatic with its performance when new, so the rating stays high (and when the thing breaks they probably go to something else and don't pay any more attention to it -- not an option for me).

    I'm posting this for two reasons. One, I think people should know that this product fails consistently. Two, I'm rather disgusted with LiteCigUSA's handling of their review system, and felt people should know about that too.

    Hopefully this will help someone.
  2. shawnp1

    shawnp1 Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    That is kinda odd. The review system is automated. I will submit a ticket with volusion who is the shopping cart software provider and host to see what the issue is. Could you forward me the email you were sent to submit a review so I can see if it was a website email, or the autoresponder program that sent it. There could be a issue with the autoresponder not posting them correctly etc... either way I want to make sure this gets fixed. Positive or negative we leave all reviews as they are posted.
  3. shawnp1

    shawnp1 Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

  4. equazcion

    equazcion Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 24, 2008
    New York City, USA
    I forwarded you the email as requested.

    Both reviews had shown up on the site after I posted/updated them. I didn't time this precisely, but the first review was up for something like an hour before disappearing. The second review -- which was actually an edit of an existing review, rather than a new review -- was up for longer before being taken down; maybe four hours or so.

    I'm in IT, just FYI.
  5. shawnp1

    shawnp1 Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Thank you, I got the email
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