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loosing patience

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by realsis, Sep 21, 2014.

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  1. realsis

    realsis Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2014
    Hi friends, lately I've sort of felt like a assembly line robot. I make all the juice for my husband and I to vape. I also make all the coils, do all the wicking, and filling of our rbas. What makes me loose my patients is I'm about to just hurry and quickly rewick my rba and hubby sees me walk over to the building table and every single time, he needs something done. I can't just quickly wick a tank or refill it without being asked to do something else. I actually have a callus on my thumb from the kanthal!! I'm not joking..he likes to take two full rbas to work every morning so here I am at 4am, (he works early) building , wicking, juice making just to get him squared away. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind helping at all. But, every time I go to work on my tank I've got to do something else..he's tried to learn but he just can't seem to get I don't mind helping just some time it is a bit much. Am I awful for loosing patience??:(
  2. M3CH M0D M4DN355

    M3CH M0D M4DN355 Senior Member

    Aug 21, 2014
    Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime... ;)

    I know you said he has tried to learn but keep at it, he will get it in the end. :)
  3. JamieZ4M

    JamieZ4M Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2014
    Sheffield UK
    He needs to be more patient!
  4. defdock

    defdock Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 15, 2011
    Dark Forest
    same here with the 8+ friends i help quit... none of them will buy coils, so im stuck rebuilding them ALL THE TIME. same with juice.... no one buys it... waits till i make a huge 480ml bottle and then they mooch for some....

    its very frustrating - and at some point THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN! - what would happen if i dissapear? - no juice no coils - no vape!
  5. Ryedan

    Ryedan ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Mar 31, 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    Honestly, that would frustrate me too.

    IMO you have two possible solutions. The first is to organize things better so your hubby has gear he can take when he leaves that's already set up. That probably means you need to buy a couple more RBAs that you can maintain when it's convenient for you. Getting hubby to help by say putting his devices that need maintenance on the worktable ahead of time is good too.

    The second is to push hubby a bit to learn how to do some of this stuff for himself. Wicking a RBA is not hard. Refilling a RBA at work is not hard. In the end if you always do it for him he will never get good at it. What would he do if you had to spend a couple of days in the hospital?

    Maybe do a bit of both?

    Good luck with it :thumb:
  6. K_Tech

    K_Tech Slightly mad but harmless Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Sep 11, 2013
    Eastern Ohio, USA
    I don't have an answer for you, mostly because I live alone and my pets don't vape. But I did want to ask if you had a sister - or perhaps a clone, lol?

    Honestly, I see three options.

    First option, get him to practice until he gets good at it. Turn it into game night, but with vapes!
    Second option, find something that he can take care of himself.
    Third option, keep going the way you are.

    Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for the night - set him on fire, and he'll be warm the rest of his life. :D
  7. nukleusx

    nukleusx Senior Member

    Luckily my local B&M offers re-wick services and wrapping services for little to nothing $ wise (cost of wire). So I have not found myself having to do much for friends. But I constantly try to push my friends to stop sucking on the teat of this service and learn to wrap and re-wick on their own.

    Not exactly same as your situation, though when I learned to do all the above on my own with the help of the employees there, youtube videos, etc, I ended up feeling more self sufficient (because I was), and actually happier I did not have to rely on other people.

    Double edged sword though- while I know how to do everything myself for the most part, sometimes I drop in the B&M for a fancy wrap or a simple cotton change because I am too exhausted after a long work day. :blush:
  8. Iffy

    Iffy Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 3, 2011
    Florida Suncoast
    ... and chances are he'll be back tomorrow for another one! [​IMG]


    Just be thankful he's vaping.
  9. M3CH M0D M4DN355

    M3CH M0D M4DN355 Senior Member

    Aug 21, 2014
    Not if said giver of fish gets swept away by a rouge wave or devoured by the Kraken! :laugh:
  10. supertrunker

    supertrunker Living sarcasm Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 12, 2012
    We need genetically modified cows that produce nic liquid.

    Why don't you tell your husband to get off his lazy backside and do it himself? Or is it only my wife that's that blunt?


    expert coil rebuilder and maker of superlative liquids
  11. realsis

    realsis Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2014
    Well, thanks friends for the help. He has tried a lot, he's just, well not very good at it. He says I'm fast and it takes him a long time. His hands are larger and it's harder for him I guess..I don't know it's just some times I get a bit over whelmed. Maybe I should be a bit more patient... on the other hand no one taught me, I learned the hard way , trial and error and you tube. for the most part don't mind unless he starts complaining...then I get a bit ruffled. I guess I better learn to manage my time better... thanks for letting me vent a little.
  12. supertrunker

    supertrunker Living sarcasm Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 12, 2012
    My first 30 coils flew across the room in frustration. It made me feel a lot better until i went barefoot one day.

  13. Amraann

    Amraann Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 24, 2011
    Your not awful for loosing patience at all. Here is what I would do....
    The next time he asks say "sure baby! While I am doing this could you go unload the dishwasher?" (or whatever little chore you need done)

  14. M3CH M0D M4DN355

    M3CH M0D M4DN355 Senior Member

    Aug 21, 2014
    What about if you build the coils the other half can make the juice? If you have your recipe written on a piece of paper you cant go wrong.

    Big hands my be a valid argument for having difficulty wrapping coils but not for mixing up some tasty DIY juice. :)
  15. JHDublin

    JHDublin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 9, 2014
    Tell him no more blow jobs until he build you a perfect coil, he'll be an expert very soon LOL
  16. AzPlumber

    AzPlumber Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 28, 2011
    I suspect he just can't figure out the clothes washer or the vacuum cleaner either. It's a deficiency (read ploy) in the male gene. :D
  17. Iffy

    Iffy Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 3, 2011
    Florida Suncoast
    That's a 'fish' of another color! That would demand a new thread... [​IMG][​IMG]
  18. nukleusx

    nukleusx Senior Member

    Your ol' man probably won't be my friend after this, but I have pretty big hands as well and that has not stopped me from tinkering with my devices or wrapping my own coils.

    And you probably won't be my friend after this, but I think he is just lazy. (I am a working person in the construction industry myself, not sure what he does; though I work ~50hrs a week at a pretty physically intense job and still have found time to learn and perfect coil wrapping to my standards). Though as I said in previous post, I do get lazy occasionally and have my B&M do a wrap or a cotton change once in a while when I am just too exhausted.

  19. VaPreis

    VaPreis Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 5, 2013
    St. Louis, MO
    I finally got my wife vaping nothing but kayfuns. She doesn't build either. So now she has 3 of them to use.

    I'd rather re-wick a kayfun for her once or twice a week then go back to rebuilding protank coils.

    I actually drilled out and rebuilt all three of them today with 26ga coils so they'll last and be easy to clean and rewick. I've tried to teach her how to wick them, but I just get a smile and "It just tastes better when you do it".

    Uh huh. :)
  20. bcalvanese

    bcalvanese Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 16, 2012
    You should have nipped that in the butt right out of the gate.

    now you have allowed yourself to become the vape tech, and it will be even harder now to turn it around.

    Are you sure he is really trying...:)
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