Magic Fairy versus Pluid

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Dec 13, 2012
    No citrus?? I got a definite tangerine note in it.

    I tried a bottle cause I have yet to find any pluid available.
    I'm not a fan of Anise, but wanted to try it anyway.

    I filled a tank fresh from the mailman and was NOT impressed, nor surprised, so I put it in the drawer.

    I revisited it week later and really started to taste the blend and something odd happened, I vaped the whole damn bottle.
    A little steeping made a world of difference. Now both vendors are sold out and I'm jonesing for a flavor I knew I would hate.

    ... :)
    Never underestimate your taste buds.
    Magic Fairy is pretty freaking good IMO and I'm sure MM's is an awesome experience also..... cant wait until LF gets it out to the masses.
    Nov 11, 2012
      I have been vaping both as a daily flavor. I carry five flavors and rotate different tastes every several weeks. Currently I have them both in my DIDs and while both green each has its own taste. MF seems to be sweeter and cooler than Pluid and Pluid remind me of black jellybeans. Pluid seems to be my favorite by consumption and seeing this trend I bought two 30ml bottles the last time some came up for order. Both are great to my taste but each to his own.
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