Michigan legislature passess COMMON SENSE bill. Encourage Gov to sign!!

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Jan 24, 2014
    Encourage everyone to take action and send our Gov a note encouraging him to sign Senate bill 668!

    Michigan Call to Action (CtA) notice

    ECF thread regarding the CTA

    Here's my letter to the Gov:
    43 year smoker, 1 1/2 packs a day.

    100% quit smoking 12.2.2013

    100% due to the choice I made to use e-cigarettes / vaping.

    Three links for you and your director of health:

    KNOW the FACTS of what is in the vapor.
    Drexel University, peer-reviewed & published chemical analysis:

    BMC Public Health | Abstract | Peering through the mist: systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tells us about health risks

    From the National Institute of Health:
    Achieving appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes
    Achieving appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes

    Nicotine is a GOOD thing!

    Growing List of Positive Effects of Nicotine Seen in Neurode... : Neurology Today

    Fun facts:
    * Teenage smoking is at an ALL-TIME LOW

    * FDA has approved nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products for long-term, even LIFE-LONG USE

    * Recent research from Harvard reports 60% improved quit-smoking rates with e-cigarettes / vaping
    NOTE: NRT products are proven to be less than 8% effective!!!

    * Tens of MILLIONS of people have used e-cigarettes / vaping world-wide for nearly 10 years

    * ZERO reports wide-spread patterns of harm due to e-cigarettes / vaping.

    * SCIENCE-based assessments puts the RISK of HARM at LESS than 1% that posed by cigarettes.

    Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR), is a cogent and scientifically solid position to lead from.

    Those, like your director of health, who oppose e-cigarettes / vaping have no FACTS, SCIENCE or real-world data to fight with.

    He, and others who desire to PROTECT SMOKING have nothing left but fear-mongering, innuendo, propaganda, mis-information & LYING.

    These type of people will tell you of the *presence* of toxins, but will NEVER tell you the EXPOSURE LEVELS.

    That is when he, and they LIE by omission in withholding the levels as being MAGNITUDES LOWER than established EPA & OSHA safety levels, or levels that pose ZERO real-world RISK.

    Please learn the FACTS & SCIENCE, and formulate policies that REMOVES hurdles & impediments to this technology that can prove to be the greatest PUBLIC HEALTH achievement of our lifetime.

    You have demonstrated over & over through the entirety of your first term, an ability to make the HARD, but CORRECT choices.

    Michigan is looking to you to keep your streak going, and LEAD us to the CORRECT & RIGHT policies on this life-saving technology & CHOICE.

    Please sign Senate Bill 668.

    Here's the comment I added to the Facebook link-share I submitted:

    The Michigan House & Senate have presented to Governor Snyder a bill that establishes the common-sense based restriction against selling e-cigarettes to minors.

    NOTE: the vast majority of retailers already have a self-imposed restriction against selling to minors, and most vape-shops won't even let them in the door.

    There are organizations that OPPOSE this bill! Their objections, like we heard when Ohio passes a very similar bill, were that the bills did not go far enough, and classify e-cigarettes in such a way as to make it possible to TAX & further RESTRICT the entire product category.

    Selling to minors is just a side-issue to these people. They have their sights set far higher in controlling, restricting & taxing this life-saving technology.

    Their ultimate motivation in opposing this measure to prohibiting sales to minors is simple: PROTECT SMOKING.

    When you PROTECT SMOKING from competition, you protect tax revenues, tobacco company revenues, drug company revenues, grants to the national Charities, and the companies that Michigan contract with to provide smoking cessation programs.

    E-cigarettes / vaping pose <1% the risk of harm as that of SMOKING

    (Chemical analysis of what is in the "vapor", FACTS & TRUTH: BMC Public Health | Abstract | Peering through the mist: systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tells us about health risks )

    E-cigarettes / vaping presents the opportunity to achieve the most significant public health benefit in our life-times!

    Michigan needs fact and science based public policy.

    Please be informed, and be aware when someone wants to take away your, or someone you love's CHOICE.


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    Sep 3, 2014
      I like the part where she says they will start with restrictions, THEN test them to find things out and THEN make the restrictions tougher. I know it's just a 'reporter' saying what the puppeteer hand makes them say, but sounds like the agenda is clear prior to the discovery phase, not that I am surprised.

      What happened to the concept of the law of laws? Even without it, how about test first, regulate later. 'Clear and present' comes to mind.
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