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more M40x questions

Discussion in 'M-401/402 "Mini" & M403 Super Mini' started by tj1100cl, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. PapaJoe8

    PapaJoe8 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 10, 2010
    Texas DFW Area
    Kelley, 40x attys, even when just filled, get hot after 3 strong vapes from me. I always keep at least two going and just switch em when they get hot. When the cart gets hard to vape I give it a shake, get a few more puffs, and then put it to refill. I like to do 5 or more at a time kinda in assembaly line fashion. I use the XLs from Litecig as they hold 30% more juice. And the filler is good quality. I am not sure who makes those XL carts but they did a good job I think.

    The thick pin helps the juice get all the way down and into the filler stuff. And letting the juice run down keeps me from missing that tiny bucket. I do pop the bucket out like you said though.

    My 808s never spit. Hmm, what am I doing diff? I do tha condom from the mouth end. Then I put the plug w/ the spike in the other end and pull it off. Maybe that sucks the juice up? Then I rinse the batt end off just a tad and blow from that end. Mine have a hard white cap at the mouth end. Oh, the will get hot after a few vapes. I just let em cool down and use something else while they do.

    Oh, sorry to hear about your charger probs. I have never killed a charger but have never used the universal though. Where do you get those?
  2. kelleymcm

    kelleymcm Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Aug 2, 2010
    oklahoma city
    Good to know about the Heat issue , that it is common....
    I can't imagine a stainless carto with out the sticker coating, they must really get HOT .
    I guess if one "let em cool down" as you say, they might not get SO HOT :lol:
    I have been TRYING not to carry 2 or 3 pv's around as I move thru my day ...
    thought I was lookin' a tad bit obsessed !! Especially just here @ the house :facepalm:
    So I probably just hit on them too much, carrying it around like a cig, in my mouth as I do things ...401's are good for that.

    I did get my RIVA/501 today ....& IDK it is just not the same as the 401's or the 808's ... hmmm
    It is cool that I have almost charged ALL my other batteries today WHILE I used ONLY this 1 (1st) Riva batt, & it is still hanging in here ... but there is just some flavor & warmth differences that I am missing ?? Make sense ?
    I'll get used to it I'm sure ... or just trade back & forth between models .

    I think litecig has the universal chargers ...I have a hard time getting to litecig their addy is odd ??
    but I know lots of co.s have them , just not always in stock ..latest one from vaporjunction,
    I have bought most of my stuff from vaporkings , close to me & great prices , very handy.

    this is the univ.charger listing there USB e-Cigarette battery charger for models DSE801 DSE901 DSE103 JOYE510 RN4081 RN4075 RN4072 KR808D-1
  3. PapaJoe8

    PapaJoe8 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 10, 2010
    Texas DFW Area
    Kelley, neat that you know about Gary and Pente! I have been playing since the 70s. Great game! I helped organize a tournament in OKC w/ internet players from all over the place. Hmm, that was maybe 2003 or so. It was a great time and Gary was a great host. And... we all ate lotsa great pizza.

    I never trust those spec lists from China.

    Yes... that X-Power is interesting!

    There was a new place mentioned on another thread in this 401 section that had 401 cartos. They had a picture that was not right though. And 15 bucks for 5. Hey, they are rare. There is also a place in Texas I saw and mentioned in this section somewhere? Nether place said they were filler or no filler types.
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