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Discussion in 'Battery Mods' started by TheSilenton3, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. TheSilenton3

    TheSilenton3 New Member

    Aug 5, 2017
    OK so basically i want to put some(x2) 18650 batteries i have to use as basically a backup to my evod(cheap clone .... i guess).. not trying to sub ohm or any of that crazy .... yet i just want to have an alternative power source for use with the mt3 tank that i have. so ive got some tact buttons a few other random buttons i can utilize.. so from what ive seen around the net its adviseable to use a mosfet with the button. i have these mosfets lying around and wondered if they would work for what im needing in this scenario, or if i need one at all, or if i could just use a fuse or sumthing.. like how does an evod work without a mosfet and what not? as far as i know there isnt any kind of circuit board or anything in the evod battery, just the battery and a tact switch connected to the ego/510 connector at the top.. i basically just want to mimic how it works but with the 18650s

    the mosfets are Samwin sw630(3 of them)/sw634, STP3NC60, IRFBC40. from what i understand and can see from comparing the mosfets i have to those that are normally recommended (IRLB3034PbF,IRL3103) the main difference i see is the RDS(on) has a higher amp rating then what the 4 mosfets that i listed have.. im guessing thats where these become unusable in my application right? or is it the 10v/4.5v thing that i need.. all mine have the 10v but not the other listing on the datasheets. im trying my damndest to understand these dang mosfets lol.. i have a bunch of dc wall warts laying around that i could prolly salvage the right kind of mosfet out of but is there sumthing on the plug that i could look for before cracking one open.. id rather put sumthing to use thats just sitting in a box before purchasing one if i can. unless anyone knows how i can get a free sample of one of the recommendeds.. i know im gonna get the "why dont u just buy the blah blah and blah blah".. but if the evod can work without all that why cant i somehow come up with a similar setup? anyhow i leave this at that for now and continue disscussion after input. i know this is long and thanks for taking the time to read and reply! Just a guy trying to learn some .... lol
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