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Jan 6, 2013
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    Anyone know how to make a kanger t2 become rebuildable?

    There is nothing you can really do if it is not already rebuildable. I have some ce4s like that, the best you can do is rinse them out with hot tap water, dry burn (be careful not to burn the rubber cap), and repeat the process the few times. Then allow it to dry.

    I kinda like the non-rebuildables though. There is less room for flooding/leaking because of user error. Everything just lines up correctly every time.


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    Jan 3, 2013
      I use Kanger T2's & T3's with various ego style batteries and find them easy to take to work and can vape discreetly. You can change out the atomizers on both with ease so I swap them out about every month. When I change juices I just rinse them out, let them dry overnight and fill them up and they are ready to go. You can also disassemble the T3's and dry burn the coil quite easily. I'm new here too so welcome to ECF and happy vaping! :)
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