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NEW iStick MOD by Eleaf + Nana's Apple Pie + more

Discussion in 'Australia/New Zealand Suppliers' started by SDMagoo, Oct 30, 2014.

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  1. SDMagoo

    SDMagoo Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    May 6, 2011
    New Zealand
    NEW iStick MOD by Eleaf + Nana's Apple Pie + more

    Hi everyone,

    This week we introduce a remarkable little device, the iStick by Eleaf - SOLD OUT - re-stock shipment due around 7th of November 2014

    This device fits easily in the palm of your hand, has variable wattage power output up to 20 watts and has a battery capacity of 2200mAh, intro pricing while this first shipment lasts - see below for more information.

    For those wanting a bit more power, we will be releasing a 50 watt MOD in the next week or so.

    Re-stocks that have arrived this week -
    iClear 16 heads

    Archive of previous weekly newsletters - Click here

    Cheers and vape on!

    iStick 20W MOD


    iStick 20W MOD

    by Eleaf

    Released by Naked Vapour 30-10-14

    Small, light and easy to use, what more could you want!

    The iStick MOD by Eleaf (aka iSmoka) introduces a new style of "advanced" MOD that is not only small and light, but also packs a punch as well.

    A smooth curved body design, with a larger radius curve on one end, gives a good feel in the hand and finding a natural grip is easy and intuitive.

    The simple button layout is easy to use and includes serveral features to help with day to day use, voltage and wattage steps are in small increments, so holding either the up or down button will start an auto climb or descend through the values - pressing the opposite direction will stop it. See manual for even more detail.

    • OLED screen is bright, clear and easy to read and a really nice feature of this MOD
    • 5 Click safety for on/off - 5 clicks of the main button within 2 seconds will turn the MOD ON/OFF for safe travel storage etc
    • 3 Click mode change - 3 clicks of the button will change the output mode from VV to VW and vice versa
    • VV or VW - Variable Voltage output or Variable Wattage - both modes show equivelant opposite settings in smaller figures, including atomizer resistance.
    • 10 second cutoff protection
    • Atomizer Short Circuit Protection
    • Low Voltage Protection
    • Low Voltage Alert

    What is supplied?

    • 1 x iStick 20W MOD
    • 1 x 510-eGo adapter




      iStick - 20W MOD

      NEW - VV or VW
      2200mAh - 20 Watt
      Small - Only 75mm!

      SOLD OUT - re-stock shipment due around 7th of November 2014


    Aspire CF Passthrough


    Aspire CF Passthrough Battery - 900mAh

    This Aspire CF Passthrough battery works just like any other regular eGo styled battery with a couple of differences.

    Firstly, it is a standard unregulated 3.2 ~ 4.2 volt battery, allowing you to vape like standard eGo syled batteries. 4.2volt output with a full charge and cuts off at around 3.2volt output.

    It is also a USB passthrough battery at 4.2volt, which allows the user to vape and charge at the same time when the supplied USB cable is also connected to a suitably powered USB source.


    Aspire CF Passthrough Battery

    NEW from ASPIRE

    900mAh USB Passthrough Battery

    Includes USB cable


    Naked Vapour e-Liquid of the week


    Naked Vapour e-Liquid of the week

    Week of review - 29th Oct ~ 5th Nov, 2014

    e-Liquid flavour is: Nana's Apple Pie

    Described as: This is a non-Tobacco e-Liquid.
    - Apple Pie flavour complete with base/crust notes - almost doughy.

    Background: Our Apple Pie flavour is similar to a rich homemade apple pie, complete with crust - a good all day vape if you like this type of sweet flavour.

    10ml NV e-Liquid Sample

    New flavour each week to try!

    Made to order every time



    Aspire Universal BDC Heads


    Aspire Universal BDC - 5 PACK

    Bottom Dual Coil - BDC - user replaceable

    Aspire Universal Heads are only compatible with products specified in this listing only.
    NEW BVC Type - Bottom Vertical Coil - current standard

    All BVC Resistances now in stock - 1.6, 1.8 and 2.1ohm

    • A BVC type is also a BDC type, with vertical coil arrangements vs the horizontal coil arrangements as found with the original heads.

    Aspire Universal BDC Heads - 5 Pack
    For use only with

    Aspire Vivi-Mini Nova, ET-S & K1 clearomizers


    Archive of previous weekly newsletters - Click here

    Until next week, cheers from Rob, Lia and team at Naked Vapour.


    Naked Vapour is New Zealand's e-Cigarette specialist.

    Copyright © 2014, Naked Vapour Ltd, All rights reserved.
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