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NEW Kanger Ce4 + more

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May 6, 2011
New Zealand
NEW Kanger Ce4 + more

Hi everyone,

We have a new Ce4 Clearomizer, from KangerTech this time - see below for more information.

We have also just restocked the shelves with our recently released clearomizer, iClear16S along with several other products.

Other notable products that are on their way to us - iStick 20Watt MOD will be back soon, along with new release sizes of 30Watt and 50Watt also to follow.

Cheers from the team at Naked Vapour

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KangerTech Ce4 Clearomizer

Released by Naked Vapour 15-4-15

This eGo threaded Ce4 clearomizer is manufactured by KangerTech.

  • 1.8ohm only - suitable for most fixed voltage eGo style batteries - or 3.3 ~ 4.2volt
  • Also suitable for use on larger mods that will accept an eGo shrouded clearomizer

KangerTech Ce4 Clearomizer


Limit - 2 per order


EVOD 2 Clearomizer

Dual Coil Type

Uses ProTank III Heads

Aspire Starter Kit - Complete

- suitable for new vapers

Released by Naked Vapour 1-10-14

This manufacturer produced kit contains all you need to start vaping including Naked Vapours own e-Liquids, with 4 samples included (upgradeable - see drop down lists upper right for all options).

Suitable for new and experienced users, this kit couples two premium products, that when combined can produce a vape that should meet the needs of most looking to convert - the K1 clearomizer is the first glass tanked clearomizer we have offered in a starter kit.

Naked Vapour sourced Aspire Starter Kits also include a power adapter suitable for NZ/AU use - we supply based on location also for international customers.

Aspire Starter Kit - Complete

by Aspire - includes a K1 Clearomizer!

Includes e-Liquids

Ready to vape!

Naked Vapour - iStick - 20W MOD


...coming back soon

Also coming soon are

  • 30Watt,
  • 50Watt
  • and eventually a 10Watt version also

Until next time, cheers from the team at Naked Vapour!!

Naked Vapour is New Zealand's e-Cigarette specialist.


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