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Orion by Lost Vape Review - A Pod System With DNA Chip

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by TheOneVape_Review, Feb 8, 2019.

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  1. TheOneVape_Review

    TheOneVape_Review Full Member

    Jan 21, 2019


    There were a ton of pod systems released last year and the Orion by Lost Vape caught the attention of many. What caught many people attention is the Orion has a DNA Chip inside and it has a special feature - the replay mode. DNA Chip can be found is many devices such as Lost Vape Paranormal and Lost Vape Therion. Some may ask, "what's so good about DNA Chips?". Well, it is because of its accuracy and customization the chip set provides. The customization can be done through a software from your computer, called the 'Escribe'.

    How well does the Orion performs? Let me write out my thoughts and show you some of the pictures I took below.

    REVIEW DISCLAIMER: The Orion is the first pod system I own and is also my first encounter with a DNA Chip. I have been using the Orion for straight 3 weeks now.


    Width : 37 mm

    Thickness : 13.5 mm

    Height : 93 mm

    Weight : 87 g

    MTL Drip Tip Width : 4 mm

    Capacity : 2 ml ( Refillable )

    Max. Power Output : 30 w

    Max. Power Boost Output : 40 w

    Coil Material : SS316L

    Pods Rating : 0.25 ohms & 0.5 ohms

    Internal Battery Capacity : 950 mAh ( 400 - 450 Puffs Per Charge )

    1 Amp Charging ( Around 45 minutes )

    Advanced DNA GO Board

    Replay Mode

    LED Lights Indicators ( Battery Level / Power Output Options )

    Adjustable Airflow

    Firmware Upgrade Through Escribe


    Short Circuit Protectoin

    Weak Battery Protection

    Temperature Protection

    Low & High Resistance Protection


    Silver Ocean Scallop

    Black Ocean Scallop

    Gold Abalone

    Blue New Zealand Abalone

    Silver Textured Carbon Fiber

    Black Textured Carbon Fiber

    Gold Textured Carbon Fiber

    Blue Textured Carbon Fiber

    Color Options / Picture Credits - DHGate


    1 x Orion DNA GO Vape Mod

    2 x 0.25 Ohms Orion Pods

    1 x Lanyard

    1 x Silicon Sleeve

    1 x USB Cable

    1 x Warranty Guideline

    1 x Pod Information

    1 x User Manual

    Orion Packaging

    Inside the Packaging


    The overall aesthetic of the Orion looks just like a walkie talkie. The pod and the Orion mod are 2 separate pieces. Let's talk about the pod first followed by the mod:

    Pod - Pods are also known as cartridges where you can fill / refill your freebase or nicotine salts in. It has a rectangular look to it and at the sides, there are 2 translucent windows to check the ejuice levels.

    At the top, a non-removable MTL delrin drip tip, a rigged airflow control and a top fill cap can be seen. Top fill ports are big for easy filling.

    At the bottom, it states the material used for the coil, the resistance, and 2 contact points which is use to come contact with the mod.

    Suggestions : The top fill cap is small and is not held on by anything. Therefore, it is prone to losing it when you are refilling it outside. I would suggest Lost Vape to add something which can hold onto the top cap.

    Translucent Window to View E-juice

    Rigged Airflow

    Large Fill Port

    SS316L Used

    Mod - I bought myself a black textured carbon fiber. The mod itself is generally lightweight, for me. There are carbon fiber on both sides of the mod and there is a rugged texture to it. I can't tell what kind of material it uses but it is definitely not sticker.

    On top of the Orion, a lever is located at the side to catch onto the pod. There is also 2 connectors which is for the pod's connector to make a connection with.

    On one side of the mod, the spring loaded lever, fire button, LED indicator and wattage settings button can be seen.

    The bottom are located with 8 tiny venting holes for the battery and a door covering the USB port.

    Suggestions : The USB port should not be placed there in my opinion. Once the USB cable is inserted, it can't stand and will need to lay the Orion flat on the table. I don't like to charge my Orion laying flat.

    Carbon Fiber Texture

    Overall Looks of the Orion


    The build quality of the Orion mod is okay and it feels solid in the hands. The rugged feel of the carbon fiber is good. I tend to find myself rubbing my thumb against the carbon fiber so often and so far the color didn't change or drop off. The paint quality of the sides are not that good as I already have a few color drop off and it has only been with me for 3 weeks. On the second day of use, I realized that the paint on one small side of the mod dropped off. I did not drop or accidentally hit the Orion with objects. It has either been in my pocket or on my table most of the time.

    The build quality of the pod is okay too. When it came it straight from the package, it is clean and new. But after a few usage, the plastic starts to get scratches as well as on the top cap. But it doesn't matter at all because once the life of the pod is up, it will go straight into the trash bin. Just thought of sharing it. Sometimes, when I adjust the airflow, water droplets tend to appear on the drip tip, just on top of the airflow. I am unsure of what that is, but I'm guessing that it might be condensation. The pod is a pain in the ... to insert and to take out. It is so tight that you have to use force to pull it out and to push it in. The threading on the top cap is smooth. The airflow restriction is just nice and I don't see it adjusting itself when it is in my pocket. I like how Lost Vape did the pods properly even when it is just temporary.

    Suggestions : Lost Vape should improve the paint job on the Orion. Just day 2 and the paint had already dropped off is unacceptable taking into consideration that it is an expensive pod. They should loosen the restriction between the mod and the pod. It is just way too tight for me to insert and to take it out.

    Color Drop Off


    The Orion is pretty easy to navigate and to get the hang of it. There are 4 things that needs to be taken note of : Fire button, LED indicator, wattage settings button, and replay mode.

    Fire Button - The fire button can also be used to check the battery level of the Orion. Press twice within 1 second and the following colors will show depending on your battery level :

    • Blue ( 95 - 100% )

    • Green ( 70 - 94% )

    • Yellow ( 30 - 69% )

    • Red ( 15 - 29% )

    • Blinking Red ( 0 - 14% ) - The Orion mod will shut off once the red light blinks
    The mod will automatically stop blinking and turn off on its own when the LED indicates green. It has never once been charged to blue.

    Wattage Settings Button - The wattage settings button can be used to change the wattage of your mod. Press it once and the wattage will adjust according to these colors :

    • White ( Low )

    • Blue ( Medium )

    • Red ( High )
    The wattage will adjust itself when a different resistance pod is inserted. For example, if you insert a 0.5 ohms pod on the mod, the wattage will be 8. But if you insert a 0.25 ohms pod, the wattage will automatically change to 13.

    Replay Mode - The wattage setting button can also be used for replay mode. If you like the puff you took at any one point of time and want to save it, press and hold the wattage setting button for 3 seconds.

    • Green ( In replay mode )
    If you want to get rid of the replay mode, hold the wattage setting button for another 3 seconds.

    LED Indicators - If you set your wattage to medium ( Blue ) and when you hit the fire button, the LED will show blue. If you set it to low ( White ), it will show white when the fire button is pressed.

    When you are in replay mode, every time you hit the fire button, the green light will appear.


    Airflow Smoothness
    - The airflow on both the 0.25 and 0.5 ohms pods are buttery smooth all across the board. Its not loud at all so if any of you are looking for a quiet airflow pod system, this might be the one for you. One thing I realized is when you turn on the reply mode, you next hit will be super smooth and quiet, like literally. But when you turn off your device and turn it on to take a hit without offing the replay mode, the hit you are taking becomes quite loud.

    MTL Performance - I am able to get a proper MTL when the airflow is closed to its tiniest. But even at its tiniest, it is still quite airy for me. So if you are looking for a pod system that can give you the draw of a cigarette, this might not be the one for you.

    DTL Performance - I am able to get a restrictive DTL when the airflow is wide open.


    Mod Performance

    The performance of the mod is very good. Very responsive firing speed and every single button is very responsive.

    Battery Performance

    The battery life lasted me for 3 days max on a full charge.

    Flavor & Vapor Production

    The Orion comes with 3 pods when you buy the set. The 0.5 ohms pod is already installed on the pod itself and the remaining spare pods are 0.25 ohms. The rated pods are as follows:

    • 0.25 ohms ( Vapor Production )

    • 0.5 ohms ( Flavor Production )
    As you can see, the 0.25 ohms pods are based on vapor production and the 0.5 ohms pod is based on flavor production.

    0.25 ohms - I get a warm vape and the vapor production is the about the same as what I am getting off from a 0.5 ohms pod in MTL settings. But in DTL settings, vapor produced is quite a decent amount. Flavor is lacking a bit but still acceptable.

    0.5 ohms - Vape I am getting is not as warm as the 0.25 ohms pod. Vapor production is about the same as the 0.25 ohms pod in MTL settings. But in DTL settings, vapor produced is generally lesser than the 0.25 ohms pod. Flavor production is better on this pod.

    I really can't talk much on flavor here because this is the first pod I ever owned so I don't know what to expect from it. But so far the flavor is okay and I am able to taste my Naked 100 Amazing Mango Nic Salt.

    0.25 Ohms Pod

    Pod's Lifespan

    The indicated lifespan of the pods stated by Lost Vape is 14 days or 400 puffs. But for me, the 0.5 ohms pod had lasted me for 16 days. On the last week of usage, my juiced started to get caramelized by the coil and cotton.On the last few days of usage, my juice started to taste muted. I would take 10-12 puffs in MTL settings every 1-2 hours and the pod lasted me for 16 days. I am using the soft setting throughout the duration.

    Right now I am using the 0.25 ohms coil and it is in its 6th day. Nothing much happened to the coil and cotton. I am still taking the same amount of puffs every 1-2 hours with the soft settings.

    Ejuice Comsumption

    I am really surprised by how long these ejuice took to finish in both pods. Below are the results from both pods :

    0.25 ohms - Cotton installed inside the pod is thicker than what is in the 0.5 ohms pod. Ejuice lasted me for 3 days at most.

    0.5 ohms - Cotton installed inside the pod is lesser than what is in the 0.25 ohms pod. Ejuice lasted me for 5 days.


    The Orion by Lost Vape is overall a good pod system which is recommended for you to get. The looks and feels of it is quite premium. But if you are concern of the price point, you can get the Orion Q which is made my Lost Vape Quest. It is exactly the same as the Orion but without the DNA chip. The pod can be separated from the Orion mod and is refillable. The rated lifespan for both the 0.25 and 0.5 ohms pods are 14 days or 400 puffs. But it lasted longer than the said lifespan. Build quality of the pods are quite good with good threading of top cap and restriction of the airflow. But the restriction to insert and take out the pod from the mod is a pain in the .... The paint dropped off on my second day of use too. The Orion is very easy to navigate around so it is a really no brainier for beginners. The user manual is very clear and gave all the required information for you to start up. The airflow is very smooth in MTL and DTL mode. In MTL mode, the airflow is still quite airy for me so if you want to get a similar drag from a cigarette, this is not for you. The Orion mod itself performs well in term of responsiveness and battery life. The pods performs great as well because it can get squeeze out 16 days lifespan out of it. The flavor and vapor production is okay and juice consumption is lasted me 3-5 days on 0.25 and 0.5 ohms pods respectively.

    Who would want to buy the Orion? It is for people who is looking for a portable and lightweight device, charging within less than an hour but gives you a long battery, pod life and little juice consumption and don't mind that it is not draw activated.

    This device is not suitable for those who just quit smoking and still want the feels of a cigarette from a pod system. This is because you are unable to hold this like a cigarette and unable to get the drag of a cigarette.

    • Fast Charging Speed

    • Long Lifespan of Pods

    • Great Battery Life

    • Easy to Navigate

    • Little Juice Consumption

    • Good Mod Performance

    • Smooth Airflow

    • Provides 3 Pods

    • Paint Job

    • Restrictiveness between Pods and Orion Mod

    • MTL Quite Airy ( Subjective )

    • USB Placement ( Subjective )

    • Prone To Losing Top Cap ( Subjective )

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the Orion by Lost Vape. This is TheOneVape_Review, signing off.

    REVIEWER DISCLAIMER: I only type reviews during my free time so some products may take quite some time to be posted up. All products are used for 2 weeks or more.

    PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: Products are not sponsored by any companies or shops. Products are bought with my own money.

    PICTURE DISCLAIMER: All pictures posted in my threads are purely taken by me and only me. Do not use with my acknowledgment or giving any credits.
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