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Panther by Ehpro review

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Shone, May 31, 2018.

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  1. Shone

    Shone Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 22, 2017

    - Diameter 24mm
    - Height 30mm

    - Dual Coil RDA

    - Stainless Steel

    - 510 thread

    - Gold-plated deck for perfect conductivity
    - Bottom-up direct airflow for flawless flavor
    - Regular 510 pin and BF pin included
    - Adjustable bottom airflow


    - Stainless steel
    - Gold
    - Black
    - Rainbow


    I received Panther rda for the purpose of this review from Heaven gifts.
    I will write here my personal opinions.

    You can order it here:

    In the box:

    1 x Panther RDA
    1 x Squonk pin
    2 x Pre-made coils
    1 x Screwdriver
    2 x Flat head screws


    I received beautiful, stainless steel one, first of all i want to mention, this rda was very clean out of the box, which is for me first plus. Diameter of the Panther rda is 24mm, height is 30mm with drip tip and without drip tip, hight is 25mm.
    Build quality is very good, everything is as it should be, very good design, you can see very nice details here. On the bottom of this rda you can see engraved serial number and "Designed by Ehpro", threads are very good.

    This rda comes with regular 510 pin, but in the box there is squonk pin, so you can use it as dripper or you can use it with squonk mods. Squonking is very popular now, so i like the fact that Panther can be used with squonk mods.
    Color choice is good, you can choose from stainless steel, gold, rainbow and black, if you ask me i really like SS and black one.


    On the top of the Panther rda, there is 810 drip tip, drip tip is without o ring. You can see the o ring on the top of the barrel, and this o ring holds drip tip very good. I tried on Panther few drip tips which i use every day, and they sits very flush. On this drip tip, you can see very nice details, i simply love this drip tip, one of the most beautiful detail on the Panther, very comfortable drip tip.
    Drip tip dimensions:

    - Width 18mm
    - Height 10mm


    Barrel is made of stainless steel and on the barrel you can see engraved panther and engraved logo "Panther", i personaly like this engravings. On the base there is o ring that holds barrel very tight, only way to remove the barrel is when dripper is on the mod, othervise will be very hard to do it, as i said, o ring is good there.


    Build deck is gold plated, dual coil build deck with four posts, screws goes in from the top and locks coil legs, and they locks coil legs very good. This is very simple build deck, very easy to build on, so anyone could put coils in there without any problems. I will tell you one really good advice for this build deck, you need to put bottom leg of the coil into the top post hole, and top leg of the coil into the bottom post hole, because, this way you will be able to place your cotton much better, trust me. Juice well is deep enough for around 1ml of e liquid, but anyway you really need to be careful when you drip or squonk, because if you oversquonk or overdrip, dripper will leak through the airholes, because airflow holes are placed at the bottom of the Panther.

    In the box you will receive two coils, 0.15ohm, and they need around 80 watts to perform very well. Very good vapor production with this coils, actually, when you vape it on 80 watts there is plenty of vapor, throat hit is good, im using 70% - 30% vg - pg e liquid with 3mg/ml nic.
    I tried different types of coils here, and it works very good with all of them, i really like how this rda works with 0.25ohm coils, and with that coils i use it on 50-60 watts with airflow half opened, and i'm really satisfied.
    Flavor is very good with e liquids that i use everyday.


    This rda has two airflow holes and holes are big. You can adjust airflow by turning barrel left or right, it is easier to turn it on the left side because that way you wont unscrew the rda from the mod. When airlow holes are fully opened there is a lot of air, so personally i find it best to use it half opened or around 80% opened with 50-60watts. Air hits the coils directly from the bottom, i like drippers with bottom airflow, because that way in my opinion flavor is much better. Two airflow holes, inside, under the coils are slightly lifted up, and the shape of the holes is the same as coils above them, so air will hit coils more precise, so the shape of airholes really improves flavor.
    Another good thing here with lifted up airholes inside is that you can drip directly through the drip tip and not be scared that your liquid could end up in airholes and then on your mod. Once again, you still need to be careful with e liquid capacity.
    Squonk pin works good, when you squonk e liquid ends up evenly on both coils without any problem.

    Generally speaking, Panther is very good rda, very good build quality and good performance. I would definitely recommend it.

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