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Question about juice

Discussion in 'Vermillion River E-Juice' started by Randal, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. Randal

    Randal Full Member

    Jan 23, 2014
    South Dakota

    I just want to start off by saying I am thoroughly enjoying the Vermillion River sampler pack I ordered. I am looking to order again and try some other flavors, but I am wondering if any of you flavors have issues in a plastic or polycarb tank? The flavors I have tried so far are: Florida Citrus Explosion, Fruit Stripe Illusions, Kentucky Applewood, Maplewood, Peachwood, Cherrywood, and Honeywood. I didn't have any issues with these in my plastic tanks, but I am thinking of ordering: Butter Rum, Cinnamon Roll, Primer Fluid, and Mistic Cherry. But also still considering a number of other flavors. Have you or had any customers experience any issues with plastic tanks and Vermillion River E-Juice?

  2. MissP

    MissP Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Anything with Cinnamon will want to be in something other than the plastic tanks :) The Cherry and Butter Rum will be fine, but I am not sure on the Primer Fluid. (Hopefully some of the fans here will chime in)

    I have vaped just about every flavor they have except the Cinnamon's (allergic) and the Primer Fluid. All the rest have been fine in my tanks :)

    Glad you are enjoying your vapes!!!
  3. Randal

    Randal Full Member

    Jan 23, 2014
    South Dakota
    Thanks for the quick response. Sounds like I may have to just order the primer fluid and give it a try and report back
  4. MissP

    MissP Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    I'd give it a try myself, but I have an aversion to anything licorice tasting :) Cant wait to hear how it is for you though!!
  5. Caz1982

    Caz1982 Full Member

    Jul 21, 2013
    We've been running the Cinnamon Rolls in plastic tanks without issue. It's like a CinnaBon, not a hot cinnamon, so there's no need to worry about it screwing up the tank.
  6. MissP

    MissP Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the update on the tank issues and juices Caz! :)
  7. DaveOno

    DaveOno ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi, everyone. I have the same concern.

    I have an old Halo Triton tank that is electrically broken. I put some Hard Lemonade in, just maybe 0.2ml to see if it would affect the plastic. After 10 days, it still looks good. So, I used a needle bottle to get the last drops out to vape it, as it can't be wasted!!

    Can someone tell me if Fire Cracker is a "cracker"?

    lol, that sounds like it answered itself, but if it's know that FireCracker is not for plastic tanks (like Halo's Triton), then I won't have to sacrifice my test tank needlessly.

    Cause it smells amazing, and I don't think I can wait for my glass tan to arrive...
  8. MissP

    MissP Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Personally I wouldnt put it in plastic :) It is cinnamon and black licorice, and with the cinnamon, I wouldnt take a chance with plastic tanks unless someone pipes in with a personal experience :)
  9. MissP

    MissP Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Talked to the guys in the store, and they do not recommend plastic tanks for the Firecracker :) So, there you are, answer from those that know LOL
  10. Thinice

    Thinice Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 18, 2012
    Farmington, Mn
    Primer fluid will react a little with polycarbonate tanks . Hot cinnamon ,firecracker and cinamint with crack a tank like no other
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