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*REVIEWS* - HHV Drinks

Discussion in 'Heather's Heavenly Vapes' started by Chakris, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Chakris

    Chakris Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Aug 22, 2012
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Welcome to the HHV Drinks reviews thread!

    Here you will be able to find reviews for all the HHV Coffee and Beverage lines of e-juice. The purpose of this thread is for reference only. It is not a discussion area. We want people to be able to quickly scan the posts and find the information they are looking for without having to wade through hundreds of comments.

    Anyone (that's you) may post in this thread as long as it meets two criteria:

    1) Your post must be in the form of a review for one or more of the juice flavors listed here.
    2) You must put the juice name, PG/VG ratio, and nic level at the top of each reviewed post.

    Please do not leave any comments to the reviews you find in this thread. Any posts found not to follow the above guidelines may be deleted by a moderator.

    Here is a link to previous reviews on the old HHV subforum: *REVIEWS* - HHV Drinks

    The flavors eligible for review in this thread are:

    Caramel Cappuccino
    Egg Nog
    Fresh Grindz
    Island Dream
    Java Smooth
    Lemonade (P)
    Mocha Java Smooth
    Peach Green Tea (P)
    Pineapple Mango Smoothie
    Sparkling Cranberry
    Strawberry Lemonade (P)

    So what are you waiting for? Get reviewin'!
  2. Zanaspus

    Zanaspus Super Member

    Jun 26, 2014
    Columbus OH USA
    24 mg 20/80 PG/VG
    Aspire Nautilus on a Provari 2.5

    I was disappointed in this one as I had such high hopes for a dew flavored e-juice. It delivers lemon lime, but, to me, it's more of a flat Sprite than a Dew. I guess they can't all be winners.
  3. Zanaspus

    Zanaspus Super Member

    Jun 26, 2014
    Columbus OH USA
    Island Dream
    24 mg 20/80 PG/VG
    Aspire Nautilus on a Provari 2.5

    This tastes exactly like a strong (read alcohol strong) pina colada. Really, rum is the overriding taste with pineapple and coconut taking a backseat. This is after a month of steeping, so a longer steep might reel back the rum.

    One thing about this juice, it's the first and only (thus far) juice I've encountered that is not clear. The cloudiness concerns me a bit but not enough to not hit it.
  4. Robino1

    Robino1 Resting in Peace ECF Veteran

    Island Dream
    70/30 PG/VG

    A tropical drink that blends everything together. I cannot pin point each flavor (not capable as I really only taste the whole not the parts that make up the whole). It took me about 2ml to really appreciate this one. The more I vaped it, the more I liked it.
  5. Chakris

    Chakris Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Aug 22, 2012
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Copied from the Archives
    Originally posted: 02-23-2013, 10:19 PM

    Caramel Cappuccino
    70/30 PG/VG
    12 mg/ml nic

    I only tried CC in the small 3ml sample size, but fell in love with it at first vape. It had a deep rich coffee taste and scrumcious caramel blend. However, 3ml was not nearly enough to completely wrap my head/tongue around, so I ordered a 30 ml bottle that just arrived last week. My review would have been complete if I were able to compare the present bottle to the first sample, unfortunately, my buds are under attack from an unknown virus and are not co-operating. I will try to update this in the future when my buds come back to me.
  6. Chakris

    Chakris Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Aug 22, 2012
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Copied from the Archives
    Originally posted: 02-27-2013, 08:49 PM

    Caramel Cappuccino
    50/50 PG/VG
    6 mg/ml nic

    Devices: Kanger T3; HH.357 Attomizer
    Power: Vamo, eGo-C Twist, and Version Spinner

    Ok, my buds are more or less back to normal so I decided to update my review of Caramel Cappuccino. This is a new batch born on the 1st of February and was steeped with caps and drip tips off 2 days and 2 more weeks with caps back on. I asked for extra flavor on this batch as well. While not quite the same as I remember the first sample, it is still a very nice e-juice. The caramel & cream blend is there, but not syrupy sweet as the rich coffee flavor rounds it out nicely. Being in Thailand for so long, I think tastes have leaned towards more robust coffee flavors. This is where I believe Caramel Cappuccino is lacking ever so much - it's just a tad light on the coffee side for my normal tastes.

    I haven't dismissed this juice by no means. Several other HHV juices started out the same way for me. Black & Blue for example, IMO, had a very weak berry flavor at first, but after a month or so the berry flavor came alive and is now one of my favorite fruit vapes. So, I'm going to put it up for a while and come back to it. As far as throat hit is concerned, personally, I don't like a heavy TH. If the TH is too hard, it feels like the dog buried a bone in the back of my throat and reminds me of one of the reasons I quit analogs. At 50/50 ratio the TH is just right for me, YMMV. That ratio also gives me more than enough of vapor production!

    In conclusion, if you are a cappuccino drinker, you might want to give this juice a try. I can't and won't say you'll love it, because everyone perceives flavors in different ways. In my opinion, and that's worth what you paid for it, CC is a very good vape in the morning or after a meal. Don't think I could vape it all day, but I could come back to it several times during the day - I like to switch up juices a lot.

    PS - I didn't discern much difference in taste between the T3 & HH.357. The T3 (2.5 ohm) was running at about 4v - 4.3v and the .357 (1.5 ohm) at 3.6v - 3.9v.
  7. Bronze

    Bronze ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 19, 2012
    The Tar Heel State
    Dew, 70/30, 18mg

    OK, I'll just say it. My Dew review is more valuable than anyone else's. Why? I was hooked on Mountain Dew before anyone ever heard of it. I started back when only one out of every 20 stores carried it and you had to look in the back of the bottom shelf to find it. And then you had to wipe the dust off the bottle before opening it. Back in the days before plastic bottles (remember the returnable 16oz glass bottles?). In those days, many people confused it with Green River. Two totally different sodas (or "pop" where I grew up in Chicago). Well, since those early days, I'd be hard pressed to think of a single day I went without Mountain Dew. The first thing I do when I wake up is go for a MD. I averaged 48 oz per day through my mid 40's before limiting myself to 24 daily ozs. I credit Mountain Dew for getting me through undergrad. No question about it. I went to school full time, lived on my own, supported myself 100%, and worked a job to do it (and never took a loan). That meant NO SLEEP! If I got 3 hours it was a treat. So I supplemented my lifestyle by guzzling Mountain Dew...stretches where I would drink 96oz in a day just to stay awake. Yessiree, me and Mountain Dew have a very special relationship...40+ years. This makes me an expert Dew reviewer. Any questions?

    Anyhow, as for the HHV Dew review...I am really enjoying this vape. The throat hit and vapor production are quite surprising. I wasn't expecting them to be so prominent. They are! Very impressed. The flavor? Let me break that down to two approaches...does it taste like MD and is it any good? Does it taste like Mountain Dew? Well, mostly. I'd say 80%. They're both lemon/lime citrusy to be sure. To me, it is closer to Mellow Yellow (a MD wannabe). But again, it's not far off and I'm surprised Heather got this one as close as she did. Let's face it, vapor is not the same as carbonation. One has more "feel" than the other so we are comparing lemons and limes (so to speak). But both MD and HHV Dew share something in common and it is that mild sweet tart flavor that is so addicting. I'd say the lime is slightly more dominant than the lemon but remains mostly balanced and similar to Mountain Dew. HHV Dew has just a hint of soapy flavor in it that I'm guessing comes from the PG/VG. It isn't offensive but is a faint note that is in the vape that is not in the drink.

    If you are a Mountain Dew enthusiast, I'm fairly confident you would like this vape...even if for novelty reasons. But if you like a sweet, tart vape, I think you would like HHV Dew as well. The TH and vapor wont disappoint you. And I don't think the flavor will either. Now, if Heather could only figure out a way to get some caffeine in this juice!
  8. DavidOH

    DavidOH Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Apr 9, 2013
    Fresh Grindz, 15mil, 6mg, 30pg/70vg.

    This is a coffee vape. Now coffee drinkers know that anything can affect the taste of coffee. From the water temp you start with to the maker you use. This was clear when I got it and after a week may have just a hint of color. Does it taste like coffee? Yes. No burnt popcorn or nuts in this. This was also the opinion of a couple guys at the B/M I go to. The flavor comes in more on the exhale than the inhale. It leaves you with the mouth feel of having coffee. For me this is a dry vape if there is such a thing.

    I first put it in a Mutation X with a dual coil .5 ohm at 1/2 air flow on a mech. It was really harsh with little flavor. At the B/M I tried it in a .2 ohm dripper on a regulated at 50 watts with wide open air. The harshness was gone but the flavor was less and when I opened the air on the Mutation it was the same. So if your going to drip Fresh Grindz it needs a lot of air. The real test has been the KFL with a 1.3 ohm build. My normal setting is 21.5 watts but I'm finding I need to lower it for FG. Seems like 15/17 watts is the spot for TH and flavor. The TH is very mild unless you crank up the watts. The flavor seems to stay with you for a time after you vape. This was worth trying and I may order more as a change of pace vape. And so I can let it age some to see if it will change.

    And this is my first review. :2c:

    I feel I should add to my review. I said there is no nut taste in Fresh Grindz. To me there isn't. But I can see where some people might taste a little nut flavor. The flavor of FG is light. This is not a strong flavor vape. Lastly after close to 2 tanks in the KFL I changed flavors. When I looked the wick it was the cleanest wick I have seen. I could have went 2 more tanks on it easy.
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  9. LAwaters

    LAwaters Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Feb 25, 2014
    Geek gal gone west
    Fresh Grindz, 60/40 PG/VG, 15 mg nic
    Aqua V2, .8 ohm, single coil @ 19.8 W

    I've joined the fan club on this one. I love the flavor of coffee, which I drink unsweetened with a dash of cream (not milk!). I love coffee ice cream and even coffee yogurt. It's the richness, mouthfeel and bitterness I adore.

    Before trying Fresh Grindz, I thought coffee vapes were the worst idea ever. They tasted to me like butter left out and turned sour.

    Fresh Grindz is spot on coffee flavor. First taste was in the Aqua using the dripper cap. Wow! Like that first sip of coffee in the morning. Not sweet, and maybe a tiny hint of cream since HHV favors tend to have a creamy tasting base.

    Using the same coil and wick, I switched to tank mode in the Aqua. As expected, the flavor was less intense, but delicious all the same.

    Non-sweet coffee lovers, this is your vape! To sweeten it up, you can add Tuscan Cocoa or other flavor that would go well with coffee.
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  10. PlumberMike
    This message by PlumberMike has been removed from public view. Deleted by a moderator, Mar 27, 2016, Reason: Thanks for the kind words! Removing because it's not a review. Please see the OP for guidelines for .
    Mar 14, 2016
  11. LAwaters

    LAwaters Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Feb 25, 2014
    Geek gal gone west
    Sparkling Cranberry
    60/40 PG/VG
    Aqua v2, single coil, .8 ohm @ 22W

    Heather creates spot on fruit flavors. Every one I've tried has been just like the taste of eating the fruit. The sweetness level is never over the top especially compared with how sweet the fruit is naturally.

    Sparkling Cranberry is delicious. Here, just the right amount of sweetness is in there because cranberries are naturally very tart. That's where the "sparkling" part comes in. Rather than overload with sweet to tame the tartness, Heather brought in brightness somehow. The berry aspect really stands out on the inhale.

    In less skilled hands, this flavor would have a perfume taste or be like too sweet candy. If you love cranberries, this one is a must try flavor.
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  12. Mike Geaney

    Mike Geaney Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2014
    Fresh Grindz
    80/20 PH/VG @ 6 mg.
    Kabuki tank on Provari Mini.

    On the inhale I don't really get much. Perhaps just a preview of the flavor that is to come on the exhale.

    The exhale is pure coffee bliss. There is only a hint of sweetness. Perhaps there is a slight taste of cream and sugar in this...but not very much. Certainly something going on other than coffee but coffee is the main flavor here.

    I'm not one for an ADV. this will certainly be one that I hit everyday at some point. Seems nice first thing in the am and at night after dinner. I get a nice pronounced throat hit on this too. After I dropped down to 6 mg I don't find too many juices with a good throat hit. This is one. I love it.
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  13. rbrylawski

    rbrylawski Sir Rod - MOL Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 11, 2014
    Tampa, FL
    Mocha Java Smooth
    Kabuki on Provape Procyon or Radius

    I have to say that my very first impression was mixed. I hadn't tasted this, as I just ordered it because I thought it sounded good. I've been vaping it most of the day now and I'm really enjoying it. There's a bit of a nutty flavor coupled with coffee and mocha. It really does taste just like I would expect a Mocha Java drink to taste (except I tend to go a little sweeter in my coffees). It's the exhale where the flavor really shines. I wouldn't necessarily call this an all day vape, but it will be a special, maybe after dinner vape and that's just what I was looking for.

    UPDATED 5/1/2016
    I want to add to my post about Mocha Java Smooth.

    I had suggested this juice was not an all day vape, but is a special, after dinner vape. I was wrong. Really wrong. The more I vape this juice, the more I've grown to really like it. In fact, I have found myself vaping it all day for multiple days.
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  14. rbrylawski
    This message by rbrylawski has been removed from public view. Deleted by a moderator, May 2, 2016, Reason: Moved review update to original review post. Thanks for the additional input. :).
    May 2, 2016
  15. PapawBrett

    PapawBrett Travelin' Man Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 16, 2012
    Monroe NC
    Caramel Cappuccino
    30/70 PG/VG 9mg nic
    Reos Grand/ RM2

    Once again Heather nailed it ! A delicious popcorn flavor, right down to the buttery oil they use at the movie theater ! You can almost imagine yourself sitting there watching a favorite movie for the first time...

    Wait, this is not a popcorn flavor ??? Maybe it should be relabeled as one, because there is no caramel or coffee involved here. Only popcorn taste.
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  16. Pinggolfer

    Pinggolfer Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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