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Revoltage - Yellow Raspberry

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Dec 29, 2020
So here we have a 50/50 vg pg juices salt juice from guys @revoltage_rocks over in Germany
Yellow raspberry
(term hybrid on the side makes me feel its a salt freebase)

So lets get down to this
I must admit I do love the design work on the packaging it reminds me of a 70s f****** Punk group ,
Primarily the outer packaging in German but the key feature like age restrictions
type of juice, pg/vg ratio & nic level are crystal clear

Instructions themselves are in in German one side with a fair bit of detail into what the concentrate actually may contain (i would have to says its an estimated lab report).
Usage of instruction in English and Spanish on the other side

The flavour itself kind of reminds me of a blue raspberry but with a little bit of a twist to it it doesn't taste like a typical Blue razz as because I usually really do not like blue Razz, it feels like has a kind of menthol lemon undertone to it (possibly a eucalyptus) , barely noticeable if you were just going for it and not thinking about it, but sometimes these kind of tones can make up a difference between bad juice and a good one... & this is a good one in my 'opinion', almost has that disposable taste to it people are craving for at this moment in time... I really wouldn't mind seeing if this could make an impact on uk market. I think another benefit is not smooth enough i just just want to puff continously cause taste good theres an underlying hit that telling me to give it a break. I dont get that with all juices whether i vape 20mg or not.
Unfortunately there are not more nic variations & only 2 Flavours whether in there disposable, salt, or short shot concentrate at the moment but from what i can figure these are rather small company with great potential.. Yet again just my opinion

Thank you for reading [emoji4]

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