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Nov 15, 2010
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    Just received my 3rd Reo in the mail. My other two Reo's 510 threading isn't holding an atty anymore. I have always been extremely careful not to thread anything forcefully and make sure the attys go on easily. I guess after three years they just wore out. Anyhow, it was a great excuse to buy another. I received a LP Grand in mail today with a LP RM2. Build coil, and proceeded to put it on my new Grand. It threaded a bit hard to begin with but got it on.
    Problem is, it won't thread on flush...in fact, I can still see the O ring and the base of the post. It fires fine but I'm sure this isn't right. Do I need to send it back to Rob?


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    Jul 2, 2010
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      Head shrink, just PM redeyedancer and he'll tell you what it'll cost and how/where to send it. While they're there, he can install the upgrade kit in both of them. The new one you're getting will already have it, and you should easily notice the improvement in performance. A visit to the spa will make your other two like new.


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      Feb 4, 2010
        Good evening Headshrink If I sounded harsh earlier it wasn't meant that way . Sometimes when I reread what I type I think wow what a mean _______

        Please put
        a note with your email address and a brief description of the problem .Also
        empty any e juice in the mod and remove the bottle .It helps to put a tissue or napkin around the tube . Please clean the mod if its a mechanical mod flush the mod with hot water and soap . vv mods wipe them clean inside and out .
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          Never read it as harsh my friend. You've been nothing but kind and helpful to this whole community. You've been a part of my life, although indirectly, for almost 5 years. Those of us that know you would never see your posts as anything but informative.

          Yeah Rob, you're an OG of the most holy kind. Thanks for being so amazing to us all.

          Headshrink - your dog is life changing, man :)
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