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Company name
Date of your initial complaint to the supplier.
1 January 2013​
How did you contact the supplier
Website ticket system​
Ticket number (if you were issued one)
General nature of complaint
Defective or wrong product​
Briefly describe your problem or issue
In late December 2012 I ordered a widget from [company name here]. On 5 Jan 2013 I received the package and found that I had been shipped a gadget instead of a widget.

I contacted [company name] and spoke with CSR Classwife and she informed me on 1/5/2013 that you would issue a RMA. I still have not received the RMA, nor have I received shipping confirmation for my widget. Repeated attempts to resolve this issue have gone unanswered. I PM'd on 6 jan 2013, emailed on 7 Jan 2013, and even attempted to call on 8 jan at 2:37 PM EST but got referred to voice-mail.

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