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Sigelei Zmax V5 with phone charger review.

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Roscopecotrain, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. Roscopecotrain

    Roscopecotrain Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 28, 2013
    Prestleigh, Somerset
    Hi peeps,

    Here we have a review for the Sigelei Zmax V5 with phone charger from Toni over at Uk Ecig Cabin

    You can purchase the product here Sigelei Zmax V5 With Mobile Charger for £51.99

    I received this free for review.

    The Sigelei Zmax V5, i was super excited about getting this as i have wanted one of these mods for ages now. I was not disappointed when this arrived, this is a top quality mod. Don't get me wrong it is not with out its flaws, one that has annoyed me a lot but we will get to that.

    The Sigelei Zmax V5 arrives in a lovely box and in this box you get the mod itself, 2 end caps plus the phone charger extension.



    So some info on the mod itself.

    * Adjust Voltage 3.0V to 6.0V in 0.1V increments
    * Adjust Power 3.0W to 15W in 0.5 Watt increments
    * 4A Output Limit
    * OLED screen displays Output Voltage, Output Power, Resistance, Battery Voltage, Power On/Off, LCD On/Off
    * Short Circuit Protection
    * Low Resistance Protection below 1.2ohms
    * Low Voltage Protection below 3.4V (or 6.4V for stacked batts)
    * Native EGO 510 connection and can fit most clearomizers with 510/eGo threading
    * It come with 2 different heads: round or flat head for your choice.
    * The telescope structure allows the product to accept a single 18350/18500/18650 unprotected li-ion battery.
    * Each Zmax comes with an extra longer battery cap to fit 2 stacking 18350 unprotected li-ion batteries together.

    The Zmax V5 has 1 more option menu than Zmax V3, which is accessed by by pressing the fire button 5 times. The first 8 options are same as Zmax V3 .

    Menu order:

    1.Out/On. Turns the device on or off.
    2.Power/Voltage up. Raises the power or voltage up.
    3.Power/Voltage Down. Lowers the power or voltage.
    4.Battery Voltage. Shows remaining battery voltage.
    5.LCD Display. Change what is diplayed on your screen during use. Resistance, Battery Voltage, or Output power/voltage
    6.LCD on/off. Turns the LCD screen on or off during use.
    7.Power / Voltage setting. Allows you to set the output to power(watts) or Voltage.
    8.RMS & Mean Setting. Allows you to use RMS or Mean output for Power/Voltage. (RMS being the more accurate)
    9.Mobile Power. Allows you to charge the cell phone.
    * Please connect the cell phone to Zmax V5 with a USB charger. Choose "Mobile Out On", press for 10 seonds and it will charge the cell phone.
    * In this period, the LCD will show "Waring" and "No smoking".
    * To stop charing, press for another 10 seconds and separate the cell phone and Zmax V5.
    * Please make sure that you set Mobile Out Off when charging is done. Only in this mode can you smoke.

    Error codes and their meanings:
    Short means short circuit for the atomizer
    Low-V means under voltage
    HHH means over voltage

    Please note: When the resistance of the atomizer is below 1.2ohm, the Zmax V5 will not work.

    The Zmax V5 is made from Stainless Steel, it is a telescoping mod, diameter is 22mm and the length in 18350 mode is 99mm and in 18650 mode 120mm.
    Below is a picture of it in 18650 mode next to an Evic in 18650 mode and a MVP 1. The Zmax is actually shorter then the Evic by about 3mm!


    Here it is in 18350 mode first and then 18650 mode.



    So first impressions of this mod. Feels quality, a great weight to it, the threads on this thing are so smooth it is unreal. When you spin the telescoping bit it spins at least half way down. I can't explain how nice the threading is on this. The OLED screen is so easy to read, crisp, i actually prefer it to my Evic screen. Now the bad bit, the first thing i had to do to this mod to get any of my tanks with a 510 connector on them to work was to raise the pin on the Zmax V5. Not a great start if i am honest. £51.99 on a mod and you have to raise the pin before you have even started. If somebody new to mods buys this they may not know what to try and end up sending it back. Sigelei sort it out please. This leads me onto the phone charger part....


    .....again it feels very well made although for me quite large to keep with you or on your keys to charge your phone or any other usb powered/charging device but every time you screw it on to the mod it pushes the dam pin down and you have to raise it up yet again to get your tanks working. It is a nice concept but i will never use it and will now just sit in the box in the cupboard. Maybe handy to keep it in your car for an emergency.
    When i first used the mobile charger i could not get it to work. I have since found out that once the correct setting is selected and your phone is plugged in you have to press the fire button for 10 seconds for the charging to start.


    So lets get back to the Zmax V5, at the top. You have both a 510 and ego connector so all of your clearomisers and tanks will fit. The one thing i noticed about the connector is i am getting no wobble. What i mean is on all my other mods and ego style batteries when the clearomiser or tank is screwed on you can still wobble the tank from side to side a bit with your hand. With the Zmax V5 you don't get any of this. It is held in there nice and tight. It also feels smooth when you screw it in. With my Evic it always feels like i am just about to cross thread the connector, not with the Zmax V5, smooth very smooth.


    Next up you have the top cap which you can remove to aid in cleaning and to fit any ego threaded devices that wont squeeze down in there. There are no air channels in this top cap so to combat this the 510/ego connector is raised slightly to make sure you get airflow. This though causes my biggest niggle with this mod, nothing fits flush. It is not a huge gap but my vape ocd rules here and this just gets to me that nothing flush fits. AAAaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh :D


    Next is the screen, OLED, as i said it is super sharp and crisp, so easy to see and read. Unlike the Evic you can actually see the screen in sunlight which is a big plus. The screen fits nicely in the mod and the have tapered the sides slightly to give it nice finish against the tubular mod.
    The menu system is super easy to navigate through and change settings. This my first one button mod and was worried that i would struggle with it but it has been a breeze.
    Below this you have the button. This is made from plastic and has a lovely click to it. Weirdly the button is one of my favourite parts of this mod. Dam i am odd lol.
    Now to the main body. The tubes feel very nice, great finish on them. The threading is amazing, so so smooth. No burrs or sharp bits anywhere. It amazes me that they can make the threading this dam good yet out the box i have to lift the pin.
    Bottom caps, you get 2, a thinner one for 18350 mode and 18650 mode and then a thicker one for stacking two 18350 batteries. I will state here, please please be careful when you stack two 18350 batteries as it can be very dangerous.
    Again a quality feel to the bottom caps, the springs are good, stiff but not too stiff.


    Here are some pictures of it with a Protank 2 and Smok DCT on it.



    Summing up then this is a stunning mod, quality feel to all of it. A few minor issues imo but they are minor. It looks spot on, imo the closest you are going to get to the looks of a mech mod but with all the extras of a electronic mod.

    Would i buy this with my own money. Yes without a doubt. Would i recommend this. Yes it is a great mod. Does it have issues, oh yes, the pin being the one that infuriates me the most but is there a perfect mod out there. Of course not.

    All in all a good buy. If you have no need for the usb charger then get the Zmax V3, if you want the option of charging usb powered stuff then get the Zmax V5.

    Any questions please feel free to ask.

    Ross. :D
  2. Btsmokincat

    Btsmokincat Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 10, 2013
    Waterville ME
    Nice review! I've been debating on getting a Zmax V5 or a SVD. I'm no leaning heavily toward the V5! Thanks!
  3. BecknCO

    BecknCO Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 26, 2013
    Denver, CO
    Great review - I've been seriously considering this for my first mod and I haven't even made it on the damn egos for 2 weeks yet. I too was considering this or an SVD, but I think I'll go with this as soon as I can find a decent deal from someone other than fasttech. I'm sure I'm going to have to ask you or someone else about how to raise the pin since I am a total noob with all of this -- thanks again!
  4. KC33

    KC33 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 24, 2013
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA
    Thanks for the review. Is there a new chip being used for this or the same one as the V3?
  5. Roscopecotrain

    Roscopecotrain Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 28, 2013
    Prestleigh, Somerset
    It is the same as the V3 KC33.
  6. sansman8650

    sansman8650 Full Member

    Apr 13, 2013
    Leland, NC,USA
    Great review. I own the V3 and the V5 and really like them with one exception. The button does not always make contact. Sometimes I have to really press very hard on the button. I also have a black version of the V5 and the button is not a problem. Can this be fixed?
  7. LittleMike

    LittleMike Full Member

    Mar 26, 2009
    Long Island, NY
    This^ I've owned a v3 for quite a few months now and love it, but I had the notorious drifting button issue on it as well. Did they not fix this in the v5? Pulling the top cap off with a vice and securing the PCB is a pain for the non-electrical types.

    On an aside, I recently started having issues with bad wobble on my Protank 2. I'm not sure if that's the base of the tank or the v3 causing it. I don't have any more of either of them to test that. Anyone else experience this? And is the v5 immune to that issue?
  8. olefolks

    olefolks Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Dec 16, 2013
    Lewisville, TX, USA
  9. Muggs

    Muggs Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 8, 2013
    Just got my V5 in the mail. It's a hard hitting device for sure.

  10. EricBONEZtrinque

    EricBONEZtrinque Moved On

    Mar 5, 2014
    My buddy is selling his to me for 50$ with 2-18650 batts glad to see others enjoy it also. Im pumped to get it clean it up and vape the crap outta it. :)
  11. GaG8tor

    GaG8tor Super Member ECF Veteran

    Nice review. Thank you.

    Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
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