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Smok nord 2


New Member
Jan 17, 2023
Hi, I put my smok nord on charge now it just flashes when it is pulled (please see video attached).
Thank you I hope some one can help it's driving me mad, BTW, I've only had it 4 days!!


  • IMG-20230117-WA0008.jpeg
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Supporting Member
ECF Veteran
Contest Winner!
Jun 28, 2016
The Forest
Hi @aspinalljess2023! and welcome to ECF.

It wasn't all that long ago that we were seeing a couple posts per week from folks experiencing problems with their Smok gear. In nearly all cases members were advised to purchase better quality mods.

Smok gear has a very well known reputation for extremely poor QC with their mods.

Here is a great thread all about Smok gear.

My advice would be to read some of the device reviews posted by ECF members and then select a better quality mod.

Good luck!!! :)

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