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Stardust Saber 3.7/6v used with cartos

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by lairkeeper, Jul 17, 2010.

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  1. lairkeeper

    lairkeeper Super Member ECF Veteran

    I've spent a little over a week with my new Stardust Saber and I'm still in love. A bit of backstory and then we'll get to the review.

    I purchased 2 Shiny Sabers during Sir Lawrence's vacation sale. Sir shipped out my purchase amazingly fast and it was received 3 days from finalizing my order. (Thank the gods that Madvapes is so close to me or I'd have never got batteries for it that fast)


    Hubby grabbed one Saber and I grabbed the other and the vaping began. I fell in love with the 6v vapor right away. And you can see why here:


    I mean, what's not to love with all that vapor?

    But, there was a problem. My Saber refused to give a consistant vape. It would work for a bit, stop completely for a bit, then work again. I didn't even have to change anything to get it to hit again. It was quite the conflict as when it was good it was OHHHHH SOOOOOOO good:
    [​IMG]but then it would be gone.

    Thankfully, Sir answered emails even while on vacation (the man's a saint I tell ya) and he reassured me that when he returned home he would replace it if it continued. Sir walked me through a bit of troubleshooting and it didn't seem to help and he then said he wanted me to send it back so that he could look into the problem. I held onto the Shiny until a couple of days before Sir was due to return home in the hopes that it would self rectify. It never did function fully for me, but it did seem to "get better" the day before I was to send it back. Sir replaced my unit right away and then began testing my original Saber. He never did find a problem with my original and the best guess that either he or I seem to have at this point is that Fate wanted me to have a Stardust Saber :)


    And that's the one I'm reviewing today. (Really, we can only guess that it was some type of equipment conflict with my batteries/carto/adapter as Sir could find no problems with it once he received it)

    Vapor Production: I think the pics above cover that. I've used the Saber at 3.7v and the vapor production is consistent with other 3.7v mods and batteries. Of course with the big battery thte 3.7v vapor goes on for days. But the Saber truly shines for me at 6v. I hope* that I never have to return to 3.7v vaping. I have read here and there that cartos should not be used at 6v. I am using 2 types of cartos on the Saber at 6v and have had no issues. Both cartos are from Boge and the only difference is one is threaded for KR808 and the other is for a 510. I've read that some attys produce more vapor than cartos. If this is the case I'd be afraid to vape & drive if there was more vapor. :vapor:

    Ease of Use: The Saber is definitely a plug & play device. Sir even takes the time to apply a label to the inside of the tube to make sure there's no confusion about the size batteries that should be used or the proper way to insert them. I've had a look at other mods and saw the "adjustments" that have to be made to some. The switch works every time with no adjustment or "fiddling". The Saber is simply insert batteries and vape. Great first mod!

    *Durability & Warranty: You see that little asterisk? I put that there because its mate is ^up there^ by the word "hope". You see, between the durability of the Saber and the Warranty offered by Sir I don't really have to "hope" that I never have to return to 6v vaping. Its more than a hope, its reality! The Saber is durable! The tube is thick and solid, the caps are solid brass and the entire mod has a nice heft to it. Couple all of that with Sir's 5 YEAR Warranty and you've got yourself a nice long term vaping plan.

    Appearance: I do love my Stardust! Black with multi*color*changing*sparkle ! Sir has now added the option for custom color Sabers to his site. The appearance options are expanding rapidly! My only dislike about the appearance of the Saber is the brass endcaps. I'm just not that fond of brass, its a preference. Honestly, I'd prefer a sleeker/smoother/matching endcap of some sort. I do know that Sir is working on some endcap options, so I believe that there will be better options in the future. Sir seems to be more than willing to take his customers opinions and work toward improvements. Keep an eye out for changes to those endcaps.

    Value: Regular price on the Saber is $109 to $119 but I doubt that Sir sells many at that price as he seems to be ALWAYS running some kind of special or contest for a discounted unit. Watch the Vapor Moon section of ECF and you're sure to find some type of discount. I paid less for my Saber than any other 6v mod (other than build your own box mods) that I've found. Divide the cost of the mod (including batteries) and the durability of the unit and the big batteries and you'll find that its actually a savings over standard e-cig batteries.

    Overall, I'm quite happy with the Stardust Saber and expect that I will eventually purchase another from Vapor Moon in the future. I'm just trying to hold out (custom colors makes it HARD) to see what Sir has in store for the future.

    Now I think I'mma grab my Stardust and Vape!

  2. NebulaBrot

    NebulaBrot Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 6, 2010
    in the NEBULA
    Nice review lairkeeper, thanks for posting! Where are you getting the Boge cartos? do you by any chance have a multimeter and able to measure the ohm ratings on those?
  3. lairkeeper

    lairkeeper Super Member ECF Veteran

    I've got my cartos from several places. Mainly 510s from, Turbos from and CoolCartos from v4l. I did order some 510s from yesterday (while picking up a couple of their twisted drip tips) but haven't used them yet. If they are the same as the others I've had (and according to all reports they are), I'll likely order more from them as they have the stainless steel option.

    *looks at husband* Multi-meter? He has a multi-meter but when I asked he said that I could just reference the tables that the lovely Bellatrist has posted here :

    KR808 Cartos


    510 Cartos

  4. Youthful313

    Youthful313 Super Member ECF Veteran

    I wish there was a like button for this review b/c I'd hit it. *thumbs up*
  5. doots

    doots Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 22, 2009
    Very intriguing review Lair. Thank you.. Nice eyes too.. :) Try it with a HV 510 atty..
  6. VPDownunder

    VPDownunder Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 1, 2010
    Tasmania, Australia
    Nice review, I love my 5v one, now he's doing custom colors I can see another one in the not too distant future ;)
  7. lairkeeper

    lairkeeper Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks all. I wanted to add one more thing. Having used both the Shiny and Powder Coated versions I really recommend the powder coat. It greatly reduces the chances of accidental fire.


    And I love a drip tip on my 510 cartos.
  8. VPDownunder

    VPDownunder Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 1, 2010
    Tasmania, Australia
    I have big hands so it makes little difference to me as I can't not touch the end caps when held ;) I agree with using drip tips on cartos, if I don't I usually manage to suck juice into my mouth using the silly plugs that come with them ;)
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