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The Joyetech Espion Infinite w/Conquer kit by TonEeN

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Tonee N, May 26, 2018.

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  1. Tonee N

    Tonee N Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 24, 2017
    Good evening fellow Vapers,

    Tonight I am reviewing the latest from Joyetech, the Espion Infinite kit that comes with the Procore Conquer subohm tank.
    I would like to thank Josh over at Mist Vapor USA(MistVapor USA | E-Cigarette One-Stop Online Shop) for providing the kit.

    First off, this is the FIRST Dual 21700 powered device on the market(AFAIK). But it will also run dual 18650 batteries using the 2 silicone adapter sleeves included in the kit.
    2018-05-25 (4).png

    The manual states the output wattage is 1-200w but you can scroll the wattage up to 230 watts but as we all know there are not any 18650 batteries currently the will produce what the device is capable of delivering. But, in time! So until then I am thinking approximately 167 watts since I didn't really notice anything between that and 230 which was very uncomfortable, but it fires INSTANTLY! No need to wait for the next commercial, I am talking 'smacked in the face' instantly! 25 milliseconds, seems quicker to my throat.
    The kit that I received included 2- 21700 AVB(Avatar Controls) 3.7v 30a 4000mah batteries. Thanks to our great battery specialist(Mooch) these are rated at 20a and 3900mah just for those of us that have never heard of this brand, better safe than sorry. This device is built, not overly heavy, just feels well made. If their is 1 possible weak spot to the device I would have to say it is the screen, which is just CRAZY! Infinite for Infinity screens, when you look at the display from any angle you will see multiple lights that seem to have a corridor effect.

    The Infinite Spec:
    Inside the Box:
    1 x Espion Infinite
    1 x ProCore Atomizer
    1 x ProCA 0.4ohm coil(installed)
    1 x ProCD 0.15ohm coil
    1 x Spare glass
    2 x 18650 Battery Sleeve
    1 x QC USB Cable
    1 x Espion Infinite User Manual
    1 x ProCore User Manual
    1 x Warranty Card
    1 x Battery Warning Card
    Spare Orings and fill port seal
    1 x Pro Series Coil Using Reference Card

    In the kit I received it did come with 2 21700 batteries but I believe that is optional from Joyeteck
    The Infinite is available in 6 different colors(Red, Dazzling, Blue, Gold, Green, and Black). I received the red kit and let me tell ya, it is RED!
    Also available are different tank colors:
    Resin Swirled- Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Gold
    Cellular(cobra)- Blue, Green, Red, Gold, and Black

    and Drip Tips: Resin- Blue, Green, Gold, Red, and Black.
    The entire body of the Infinite is metal with a great finish. I don't see any paint issues in the future with this device. The charging/upgrade micro USB port is located just below the deck which I was a bit concerned with since every now and then we all have that 'drip' accident, but from using the device every day any liquid that did accidentally spilled, leaked onto the top deck did not drip down the device and stayed on top.
    The only weak spot on the device I would consider is possibly the screen cover which is made of a clear Plexiglas. But from handling this device and having it bounce around in my cars' cup holder it hasn't even scratched.

    The display:
    Oh, where to start. It's trippy! The display has an infinity background so from any angle you are going to have a mirrored effect.
    Now as far as what colors and what you can make them do is a different story unto itself.
    The lights can be Off, Switch, Vape, and Always. The colors will automatically change from Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Cyan, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, and Yellow(atleast I think that is all of them, its hard to count them). The Modes for the colors are very interesting. You have Morph, Wheels, Fire, Random, Spe7, Moon, Spe3, and Glow. Each are unique and very cool more at night than in the daylight, in the daylight with the brightness turned up to 100% it is difficult to read the .096in screen, which colors can also be changed from Gold, Blue, Green, or Red.
    The display readout and font are rather small but still readable. Under the Subpara menu you have the option to change one of the menu items to Puff, Time, or Amp. This also has a RTC(real time clock) setting which predominately puts the clock at the top instead of the wattage or temperature.

    The Infinite does come with your Power, Temperature Control(Ni, Ti, and SS) TCR(M1, M2, and M3). I did test out the SS mode as well as the TCR mode using a Freemax SS316 coils and the Loop RDA with dual SS316 coils.To set the wattage for TCR you will need to go into the Set menu and under Power change the wattage to desired and then exit the menu back to the main screen. The SS mode seemed work to fine but when I went into TCR mode and set my value at 92 the hit was very weak, so, I changed the value up to 135 the hit was more pronounced.
    Having the Up/Down buttons on the top of the device was actually a nice place to have them and when you press both buttons simultaneously they will lock your settings in but you will still be able to continue using the firing button. And no, there isn't any button rattle.
    20180525_221204.jpg Joyetech does state that the Infinite will support up to a 30mm tank which is going to be close.

    The ProCore Conquer: 5.5ml
    The knurling on this tank has to be one of the top on the market. You know those tanks that seem to come with the self-tightening coils which no matter how hard you try the only way you are getting the tank and coil apart is going to be with a pair of vise grips?
    Not this tank! It has more than enough parts on it to easily strip the tank down to either replace a coil or clean all the of the parts. (and for those interested, it does look to be cross compatible with NRG, BBB, and HW coils)
    The tank is a sliding topfil with a wide bore fill port and dual bottom airflow measuring out at 2.2mm x 14.5mm which doesn't seem like alot but factor in the coils, yes, oh the coils!

    Inside the package you get the ProCA(preinstalled) which is a single coil 0.4ohm kanthal coil and I know what you're thinking, but this coil produces surprisingly good flavor and vape, rated between 55-65w. Now, the ProCD Reticular coil(mesh type) is the show stopper. The flavor and amount of vape from this 0.15 kanthal coil is up with the Freemax Mesh coil, and if you happen to have one of those you know exactly what I am talking about. 65 watts easily gives you a medium warm vapor with alot of flavor. Both coils have a light airy vape to them, quite enjoyable. Not overwhelmingly powerful. Definitely all day vape coils.
    Overall this is a very good kit. I never experienced and screen glitches or leaks from the ProCore Conquer tank. The buttons are very responsive and with the form fitted fire button on the side you will not need to worry about this device firing in your pocket unless you are REALLY pressing on it.
    The device is capable of 2 amp balanced charging, which I did not attempt during the time I have used the device. I personally recommend charging your batteries with an external charger.
    It is very nice to see products like this one that seems to be thought out and not just slapped together. When you hold the Infinite you really feel the quality that was put into it.

    I hope that this review was helpful for those looking for a new device.
    and a big thanks to for giving me the opportunity to use it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review and as always,

    Vape Safe and Vape Happy,


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  2. Smoant Ryan83

    Smoant Ryan83 New Member

    May 16, 2018
    Hi Tonee,
    I'm from smoant, would you like do do some reviews for our products, if interested, pls email me @ ********************
    With following details.
    Link to your page here,
    Ph no.:
    Hope we can cooperate together thanks for your time.
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