The Latest Digiflavor XP 77W Starter Kit$ 48.99

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May 25, 2015
    Digiflavor XP 77W Kit is when Digiflavor meets Cyperpunk, light up the way with XP 77W Kit. Customizable LED Effects illuminating while vaping. Multi-use Digi-crown with safe lock function.

    Mechanical style box mod with exclusive XP POD tank. And AMR Co- branded version is about to come. The AMR co-branded finishes on both Digiflavor XP 77W box mod & atomizer featuring the 77W extreme power output honors AMR's pursuit of the ultimate control while also catering to the needs of large clouds.

    If you're interested in it,please go to vape online store to make an order.

    Quick Link:

    Digiflavor XP 77W Kit
    Digiflavor XP 77W Box Mod
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