The NEW Du Bocage Bottom feed juice box

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Rui P.

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Jan 30, 2011
New Reservation List for for delivery in late August

VPJunkie510 - Brazilian blackheart wood box and Brazilian bitterwood door + yellow button
bjannr- Brazilian Blackheart wood box and door + black button



A-Brazilian sucupira wood box and door
B-Brazilian sucupira wood box and Brazilian bitterwood door
C-Brazilian blackheart wood box and Brazilian bitterwood door
D-Brazilian mahogany wood box and Portuguese beech wood door
E-Brazilian blackheart wood box and door
F-Brazilian mahogany wood box and door

Button option:
yellow button , black button
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Dec 26, 2010
I bought mine off Ruip on UKvapers. I've had it 2 Days now

Ruip already knows how pleased I am with it but for all those here that are thinking of buying one or are anxiously waiting the arrival of theirs.

Let me tell you that these are gorgeous and work flawlessly too.

Everything is just perfect all the niggles I've had with other mods are absent with this mod. No rattles,door fits perfect, button is firm and positive yet comfortable to use, the inside is super neat and tidy, the battery contacts are chunky and solid, finish is superb even on the inside, and even better lookin than in the photos.

Just buy one! At $120 inc postage they are a bargain.


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Oct 20, 2010
Drott's Dog House
Wow Ruip.Nice workmen ship.I love the big hunky spring.You must have a super lath to do the work involved with this box.I like that the body is one piece.The door fits nice and snug.The feed system works great no leaks.Every things finished nice no ruff-edges.The feed hole is smooth and well finished.Thanks for a nice addition to my collection.


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Apr 1, 2011
got mine in the mail today too.... I am vaping some yummy juice at 6 volts....i have tried some different batteries and they all work great! I dont vape ever a 3.7 volts so if you like higher volts they work great with this box.... Its a really mod, really pretty and well constructed they door fits just rite and its very comfortable...very solid but not to heavy.

I am pleased with my purchase!

012.jpg 014.jpg 013.jpg 015.jpg
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