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throat problems. NOT new to vaping.

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by tl220, May 27, 2015.

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  1. tl220

    tl220 Full Member

    May 27, 2015
    Hi guys. I need some help. Lately i have been getting a sore throat and a sour taste in the throat anytime i swallow.(w. Or w.o a drink)
    So heres the facts:
    -I have been vaping for 6-7 months but problem just started recently.
    -I run a kbox with an atlantis or a kangertech nano. BOTH give me throat issues.
    -i only vape within the recommended wattage for each coil. Both recommend 15-30 im usually @20w
    -i use 6mg nic. And no changes to nic level in past 4 months
    -i only use quality, good name brand juices with 50/50 mixture and i have tried switching juices and switching companies.
    -I have recently replaced coils. It actually started when i bought new coils for both clearos, and yes i dripped some on the new occ and did some inhales without firing.
    Im wondering if i dripped TOO much juice onto the fresh coil?
    Im wondering if the cause is dehydration/too much coffee not enough water (altho i do replenish electrolytes)
    Not sure if it relates, but i was recently in jail for a week for a minor thing and everything in my possession (kbox and both tanks) sat in a possibly dirty pouch until i got out. After i vaped when i got out is when it first started to affect my throat. Sitting unused for a week my hits tasted extremely dry. So i replaced the coils that day. It helped with the dry hits but didnt help my throat. Sorry for writing a novel here but im trying to cover all the possibilities. I dont drink, dont use drugs, dont smoke cigs so not sure whats affecting my throat.

    Somebody please help me out because im starting to not enjoy vaping anymore : 0
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Susaz

    Susaz Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    How much VG is in your liquid? Try a different mix. Does it happen with all liquids?
    Allergies can happen overnight. You might also be experiencing dry hits that you might miss and that makes your throat sore. Or, your nic might be too much for the wattage. Try lowering a little.
  3. tl220

    tl220 Full Member

    May 27, 2015
    I use 50/50 juices. Yes it happens with all juices. Honestly i never thought of allergies. But when everybody around me complains of allergies or pollen i notice no changes with myself. Allergies very rarely bother me. Maybe once a year or so. But i might have to Reevaluate the allergy angle because its very similair symptoms. If i caught a cold would the throat be more sensitive to vaping? Might be a silly question but i dont know if sore throat is a part of the common cold or something more like a flu. I have a new atlantis coming in the mail so i can narrow it down better.
  4. lildevil77

    lildevil77 New Member

    May 28, 2015
    I get a acid reflux type feel in the back of my throat when I get to much nicotine too fast. Happens with the gum or lozengers for me too. Maybe your enforced quitting killed your tolerance level?
  5. lamarrk

    lamarrk ECF Moderator Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Moved to NEW MEMBERS. Simple Solutions is to assist the Beginning Vaper with getting started.
  6. Shellylamb

    Shellylamb Full Member

    May 29, 2015
    Have you seen your doctor? It could be tonsils stones. It could be something in your gut. Allergies can indeed come and go at will, I'm living proof of that with something different. I find that I have very thick phlegm and find it hard to clear my throat. I did smoke for 30 years and switched to vapeing 2 years ago. Iv had C.O.P.D. For years and asthma. My dr is very happy with my lung performance so it's all good:angel:
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  7. Caro123

    Caro123 Super Member

    Apr 11, 2015
    Nova Scotia
    uhm closed quarters such as jails etc can be breeding grounds for all kinds of nice little opportunistic but tiny little bugs - suggestion gargle with warm salt water four or five times a day if doesn't clear up in a day or two see a doc who might very well prescribe a medication for infection - best to you
  8. d4gger

    d4gger Super Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 25, 2014
    Hattiesburg, MS, USA
    See a doctor please.

    Your problem is likely related to close, unsanitized, etc quarters. A few shots or w/e the doctor recommends may have you back to normal. If you question the treatment of your mod/tank, run a quick ethanol (everclear) rinse through the tank and let it dry before putting in a fresh coil head.
  9. Bookworm

    Bookworm Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 16, 2012
    I would clean the tanks and drip tips. If my equipment sat in a dirty pouch for any length of time, I would want to clean them right away. Good luck!
  10. Brvfan

    Brvfan Full Member

    Jan 30, 2015
    Duluth, GA,USA
    Not very experienced but I can't gape more than about 30% PG. will give me a headache and throat problems
  11. BobbyTom

    BobbyTom Full Member

    May 29, 2015
    I would recommend trying out 100% vg for a little bit. I know some people who cant handle pg at all. If you want the least throat hit try 100% vg. The flavor takes a hit but it's worth a shot. And with the right setup you wont really even notice a change in flavor.
  12. tl220

    tl220 Full Member

    May 27, 2015
    I had stopped using that tank for awhile. But started using it again after i had talked to a friend. I explained to him the situation and how it was a brand new coil and new refill on juice. And he said it could be a bunk coil/ defect. He said its happened to him and the vape store person said kanger mass produces the coils and 99% of them work right. Considering we both go to the same vape store im guessing that was the issue. But their is some gray area because i did have allergies and it ironically happened after the coil sat unused for a week. If it happens again i will clean out the whole clearo and let dry. Im hoping it doesnt because i just filled it with a delicious coffee and bannana creme mix. (First coffee flavor i found thats not nasty tasting! )
    Thankyou for all your helpful suggestions. You all seem very nice, i might have to stick around in this forum.
  13. SaudiVaper
    This message by SaudiVaper has been removed from public view. Deleted by a moderator, Jun 1, 2015, Reason: Unregistered Supplier.
    Jun 1, 2015
  14. Panorama911

    Panorama911 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 24, 2012
    I am going to take a more medical approach...You mentioned the sour taste, this often is the result of a blocked saliva gland or infected gland(s). When brushing your teeth also try to lightly brush the entire inner walls of the cheek(s). The use of mouth rinse can if used too much also cause a dry mouth.

    In regards to dehydration, this in many ways is way over stated. To determine if dehydration is present the easiest and most common sign is bright to dark yellow urine. Another way to determine is to press on the skin and see if the indentation "springs back", if you see an indent and it remains as such, you MAY be dehydrated.

    "Cotton mouth" is often mistaken as dehydration but usually not the case but if so, at that point you will know you are dehydrated.

    Drinking any liquid will re-hydrate and coffee is no exception, the only difference between water and other liquids are the other components in the liquid which are either filtered through the kidneys or absorbed in the digestive tract. Trust me, if you drink a pot of coffee you are going to pee most out!:D It is accurate that water is the best liquid but not the only liquid, in fact we can drink our own urine if we boil it to remove bacteria, sorry not a nice thing to picture but it is a fact.

    Last thing I want mention is the stint in jail. Many illnesses are possible in such an environment, it could be you picked up a bug. Strep throat is generally more common in children but adults are not immune and based on the time frame, this is a direction I would look....usual time frame is 4 to 7 days after exposure, but this is subjective to ones immune system.

    Look inside the throat with a light and look for white colored patches in and around the tonsils accompanied with and bright red color in the rear portion of the throat (near the "punching bag") .

    Edit: I also want to add that you should feel under the jawbone in front of the ears for soreness. This would indicate the Lymph nodes are swollen and you are fighting an infection. Strep is viral and only time will solve most cases.

    Best of luck and hope my thoughts help!
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  15. tl220

    tl220 Full Member

    May 27, 2015
    Yes actually they did. I learned several things from your post alone. Excellent tips. Whatever it is/was im feeling much better now and i hadnt taken any advil excedrin or claritin in 2 days. From now on when I brush my tongue i will start brushing the inside lf my cheeks as well.
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