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  • Jul 13, 2009
    Somewhere between here and there
    I’m here with you today to take a look at the Artemis 2 RDTA not to be confused with the Artemis 2 TC RDTA. It was designed in cooperation with Tony Vapes. This one was sent to me by sourcemore in order to provide a fair and honest review. This one does not have the cables like the TC model does. It is 25mm in diameter and has 38 honeycomb airflow holes. The liquid capacity is 4.5ml with the straight glass and 5.5ml with the bubble glass. The build deck on this one is postless but also only uses one screw to tighten down two coils. This is a design that I personally haven’t seen before. It also includes a nice Thunderhead Creations 810 drip tip. I haven’t used very many rdta’s but have been looking forward to trying this one. Let’s take a look.




    1* ThunderHead Creations Artemis II RDTA
    1* Spare Glass
    2* Spare Screws
    1* Hexagon Screwdiver
    1* BF Pin
    1* Coil Leg Trim Tool
    1* Spare Ceramic Insert
    2* Spare Springs
    2* 4 Core Fused Clapton Coil Spare O-rings
    1* User Manual
    1* QC Card



    Size: 25*44.5mm

    Material: SS

    Capacity: 4.5ml (5.5ml with bubble tank)

    Fill Type: Side/bottom filling

    Airfow: Adjustable airflow

    Drip Tip: 810

    Deck: Dual Coil

    Colors: SS, Gunmetal, Matt Black, Silver Black


    1. 25mm diameter

    2. 810 drip tip

    3. 4.5ml/5.5ml capacity (5.5ml bubble glass)

    4. Easy side/bottom filling system

    5. Big single screw build deck

    6. Dual coil postless build deck

    7. Patented single screw clamp system

    8. Reinforced clamp system

    9. Dual reinforced ceramic insert inside

    10. 38 holes honeycomb adjustable airflow system









    The packaging for the Artemis 2 is very nice and eye catching with the black box and gold text. One thing I really like in tank packaging is when the front of the box has a clear panel so you can see the tank inside like this one has. On the front is also the large Artemis logo, the THC logo, and Tony Vapes logo. On the back of the package is again the same logos with a simple contents list and the Thunderhead Creations website. On the sides of the box are more logos and names in gold.



    Once the box top is removed the tank and spare glass tank section is visible. The included glass is straight just like the one that is pre-installed. The straight glass allows a capacity of 4.5ml of liquid. However, there is a bubble glass available that will increase the capacity to 5.5ml that you can purchase separately here ( THC Artemis II 2 RDTA Glass Tube 4.5ml/5.5ml ( I really feel like the bubble glass should have been included with the tank instead of having to make a separate purchase.

    Underneath the foam insert holding the tank and glass is where the accessories are found. The included accessories are a coil measuring tool, two 316 3mm coils, warranty card, user manual, accessory bag with o rings, spare insulator, squonk pin, allen wrench, and spare spring and screw for the deck. I was a little surprised that there were coils included but no cotton threads to wick the coils.


    As always, you want to disassemble the tank and give it a good cleaning to make sure there isn’t any machine oil or residue left in the tank before using it.


    Starting from the top, I really like the included 810 drip tip that has the Thunderhead name printed on it. The o ring that holds the drip tip is inside the top cap like many tanks that I’ve reviewed lately. Below the tip are 19 honeycomb airflow holes on each side for a total of 38. Look at that, I can do math.


    Below is a top view inside of the chamber. You can see the honeycomb airflow from the inside and that the chamber is reduced for improved airflow and flavor production. Also notice the pin sticking up that is the locking mechanism that goes into the deck to keep the chamber from moving. The third picture below shows the base with the 510 pin showing. This is where you would use the allen wrench if you choose to install the squonk pin like I did. I prefer to use rdta’s on a squonk mod for added capacity and so I don’t have to pull the top cap to fill the tank.




    I have never seen a build deck like the one on the Artemis 2. It is a dual coil deck with four openings for the coil but is postless and uses only one screw with a spring on it to open and close all four coil leg openings. The deck screw uses the same included Allen wrench.

    The build deck is very easy to use with the single screw. You don’t have to turn and hold the deck to tighten four separate screws like most dual coil tanks. You can see in the second picture that as you loosen the deck screw then the white portion moves and opens the slot to allow the coil(s) to be inserted. The included coil measuring tool has an arrow on the side to indicate the proper length to cut the coil legs. If I remember correctly, the arrow is at the 8mm mark. In the third picture below you can see what the coils look like inserted, dry burned and wicked. There were not any cotton threads included but I keep a lot of cotton on hand so it wasn’t an issue. I cut the wicks a little long so they protruded down through the wick holes a little so when the mod is tilted then the liquid in the tank will splash the wick ends.




    The base of the tank has the Tony Vapes and THC logos along with mentioning the cooperation between the two.



    The Artemis 2 has been a great performing rdta during my time testing it. I have to admit that I haven’t tried a lot of different rdta tanks but prior to receiving this one I had been running a Helheim on a squonk mod and knew that I liked the rdta design. The Artemis offers a lot of airflow and with the included dual coils installed it provided very large amounts of vapor. Of course this can vary with how much airflow you have set and of course the set wattage on your mod. I had been running it with just five holes open on each side and had the wattage set at 55 watts on my squonk mod. I personally like at least a little bit of restriction on my DL vaping and with just five holes open on each side it was still quite a bit of airflow. The airflow adjustment closes from right to left. This one is just a horizontal movement. I’ve used other honeycomb airflow tanks where you can also close top to bottom but this one doesn’t do that.

    One thing I noticed immediately while using the Artemis with the squonk pin installed is that the opening in the pin allows more liquid through than the tank I was using previously so one or two good squeezes and the tank is refilled where it took several seconds to fill the tank I was using before.

    The single screw clamp system used on the deck makes building this tank very easy. I wish more tanks used this design. What I don’t know is how long it will hold up with extended use but there is an extra screw and spring included as well as an insulator.

    Overall I really like the THC Artemis 2 RDTA. Flavor is very good and vapor production is large. Whether you choose to run it on a squonk mod like I did or just on a regular mod then I’d definitely recommend it. I haven’t tried a single coil on it since it seems that it is designed for dual coils but some day I may try it just to see how it performs. Perhaps with a larger single coil.

    I’d like to thank Sourcemore and Joyi for sending the Thunderhead Creations Artemis 2 RDTA for this review. Thanks to the readers for sticking it out until the end of another one of my reviews. Below I have a link and a coupon code for you.

    ThunderHead Creations Artemis II RDTA Φ25mm 4.5/5.5ml Tank (

    COUPON CODE= ART2 for $28.49



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  • Jul 13, 2009
    Somewhere between here and there
    Nice review Mate:thumb:
    It was interesting to compare with my Artemis single coil with the ss rods. There's plenty of room for your wick in this one which is very handy:)

    Thanks. Yes plenty of wick area. I really like this tank. The flavor isn’t quite as good as the Helheim but still good.
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