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Too Weird for me anymore

Discussion in 'Team ECF Folding Forum' started by timinftl, Jun 4, 2016.

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  1. timinftl

    timinftl Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jun 6, 2013
    Fort Lauderdale
    For years I've been running fah and used to get 30k points pretty much every day.
    now all that runs is the gpu. I haven't coded since cobol and fortran so I am lost and ready to give up on this garbage.
    Still runnning on Aurora R3 Win7 pro etc and ready to delete Fah entirely.
    Sorry, used to think we might help but I am not gonna hire a freaking IT guy to try to fix this crap.
    If someone helps me get the cpu slots working again I'll stay up but this is over my head so I'll give it week then I am so gonna quit if I can't get it to work.
    PS cpu slot up to -7 now and no bloody change.
    Help appreciated
  2. timinftl

    timinftl Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jun 6, 2013
    Fort Lauderdale
    Does anyone have the ability to tell me what the heck I got wrong ? I posted an excerpt of my log. This is getting very serious...
  3. Emc2vapor

    Emc2vapor Full Member

    Jun 15, 2016
    Hello just registered here just moved and i have stopped gaming and my new pairhouse have free elecricity so instead just having my cheap old pc rigg just standing im can start folding instead with the old x5660 xeon and 290x funny that folding takes 610-680w shows my elecricity meter i have and we will se how long my old hx650w will hold :p But anyways have you tried reinstall the program or i suppose so? Couldnt it be an faulth at Fah thats not giving you any work units to the cpu. I run my cpu just fine never had problems with it but i just started again last time i folded it was with my ocd amd64 3500+. Mine had stop folding sometime but just force quit the software and start it again works just fine. Try maybe for an short moment disable the firewall or run your router at dmz so there is no network problem. Funky that your gpu can work so dosent sound like an network problem. Anyways you dont have some newly installed network software that can block? or ad aware software or something like that?

    Anyways used to fold for but for the time being an 100k unike visits per day swedish site just have 300ish cpus working the last week at the most visited swedish overclock/computer forum is an shame, My vaping saved my life cause my diabetes has been 4 times over what healthy in bloodsuger value and i have nerve damage from having one of the worst diabetes in sweden im 32 now and when i was 14 i was the first in sweden to being an kid with an insulin pump and my citys hospital couldent handle my diabetes so was forced to go to an university hospital at umeå that had an diabetes proffessor that had been an doctor and an specialist for 30 years that gave me the pump and when i was 16 my bloodsuger that is damage the organs over 14 in bloodsuger my hba1c "longtime value at the middle value" was at 20 and my bloodsuger meter often couldent show an value cause it was to high so 30+ in value was the usual value i had. I started doing drugs at 16 and eat very strong painkillers at low age got anxeity cause the professor said if my value is not lowerd i would most surely die in my early 30is. Ended with i did take temazepam and subutex in the same needle. but 7 years ago i meet my wife and she change my life did lay my self in to rehab cause my skintone was green and after an epelepsy attack i wanted to try to change my life. If i did come in one month later my liver would had been to damaged so i most truly had died they dident know if my liver should recover they tought i had hepatit c but i had not any blood dicese. Anyways i stayed at rehab they found out i had autism spectrum disorder and heavy adhd and psycosis dicese. I started to go on normal adhd medecine ritalin and benzodiazepines and just opioids cant remember its name. "now i have dexamphetamine, fluretrazepam, imovane, invega, temgesic "very low mg subutex "syntetic heroine often used to them that has been surgeyd in the stomach and has written shouldent be used for more than 9 days" and xanax. I have been eaten that for 3 years that combination feels like i just eat them not to have an abstinent issue and epelepsy attacks. But my big problem after i had been to rehab was alcohol and mainly candy and food did like eat 3-4 dinners and an month worth of candy each day compared to an normal person. After had have so high bloodsuger my suger addiction was insane if i fell under 20 in bloodsuger i reacted like an normal diabetic was under 2 i couldent walk and was shaking like hell and pulse over 150beats per min. I had been hospilised many times and they couldent even figure out how i could walk did go with the ambulance at less 1-2 times every month and had wrong ph in my blood and been nearly to die. NOW TO THE POINT :) But then i tried to get my wife to quit smoking cause she smokes alot and i did to and use swedish nicotine called snus that has 6 times the nicotine than normal ciggarettes its a thing you lay under the lip. But it dident work well for her did use liquid voyage ry4 and such tobacco taste but when i tried it i was hooked this was with an ijust2 and about soon a year ago. Did try to buy some sweet taste ejuice and damn i vaped at 18mg first but i dident think about i had candy in the kitchen and days passed until one month later i realized i dident wanted suger all the time and i started eat like an normal person my wife dident tell anything cause she dident want to ruin it only thing i had was that i had low bloodsuger sometimes or i tought, but with time the blood suger got lower and lower at mid bloodsuger level of 3months per test and i quit smoking havent smoked for like 9 month or something and my bloodsuger is halfen and i did use snus one "roundpackage with 45g in every" every two days to now using bagged snus that contains 20mg in one round package and i buy a new "snus box" every 5 days at max only takes one under the lip morning evening and night. With the candy cost and stopped smoking and stopped using snus at 90-95% i save like 150dollars a month and i have never had to be hospilized so vaping saved my life and my wife saved my life from drugaddiction me to death.

    Now why i changed folding for an computer forum is that my wife has alzimers dicese in her family and as she saved my life at least i can contribute to have my old computer overclocked with ht on at 4.4ghz with 6cores12threads and my 290x matrix platinum i have bought her alot of different mods maybe 12 different automizers i want to live with her much longer and i dont want her to suffer from alzimers or die of cancer so folding here is an little thing i can do. She has been now for 1 month used the combo of an hot pink istick pico and melo 3 mini automizer with triton 1.8 mtl coils and now last week i bought her an tfv4 mini with mtl coil tought one for just good taste she dosent like to sweet and one for tobacco taste with high nicotine i use 6mg i let her use 12mg to then level it out and she has been using vaping more an more the comfobility of vaping in side at late nights is where she started but now she uses like 50% cigarettes and 50% vape so im going somewhere. So trying to quit her smoking and atleast contribute to folding here on an site that cares about cancer and its effects feels right. Many have quit folding but i think its an great thing to do as long you dont have expensive electricity costs and stuff. Here in sweden its high summer its hot as hell "not as in summer paradises but hot and there is no water in the air so its not fun at all hot" but anyways i use an hell of a wattage drawing gpu and my xeon is folding 24/7 cause its anyways not that hot bought it for 45dollars last year and feelt like an good choice cause im to sick to work and have not much money the 290x i have saved to and the motherboard and stuff i got for free from an friend so its an cheap computer good to fold with had tought about fix another 290x since they are so cheap now but the heat in the house it makes maybe isent an good choice but anyways my rampage 3 extreme got alot of space with 4 16x pcie ports and using two is at pcie 2.0 16x so it wouldnt bottleneck two gfx cards and the cpu can handle it it berformes better than the 5230 at stock mhz in cinebench 11.5 and some other tests and performce about 1500 points less in the quick cpu-z cpu test than the 8cored16thread 5260x. but since im thinking about as an hobby start an vaping community with points system and vaping chats forums news and active members that have been active for an half year member reviews and maybe video or at least picture uploads with time im thinking of getting one supermicro dual cpu motherboard with same cpu as mine and 96gb ram if i find cheap i most surely will get the evga overclockable dual lga 1366 motherboard and overclock it its an cheap and well performance computer for almost no money and i saves alot of money started vaping and my wife saves more money for each month. But im thinking to maybe get another dual cpu motherboard an cheap supermicro that has alittle "fsb" overclockability and some 5675 cpus just to fold out in my warm storage outside my rental pairbuilding just to fold cause in logical thinking folding is an great idea not many geniueses has ability to an supercomputer but maybe they can get stanford to let their project go to the peoples computers and in 20-30 years cancer maybe will be at many cases threateble and alzimers will get less aggressive and less bad effects that comes with medecine. Im no professor and no genius but in time if i dont waste money i maybe can contribute with 0.01 % that will help with a cure faster atleast when i die i feel i havent just used my life for hurting people that i love but i thought about others and i maybe have given my wife longer life with vaping instead of smoking and maybe i can let her mind keep going for abit longer time instead of going broken and afraid and suffering.

    Dont know why im wrote this but my spectrum makes me open spoken and i just wanted to write something and if you know someone with sugar addiction and/or diabetes try telling them to vape something sweet like funfetti or frenchdude or marshmellow or something. Im addiction person and i can say im not addicted to vaping but i choose to vape of my free will cause it lowers my sugar addiction that nothing else has helped and as an economic perspective its cheaper. Im so angry at fda and EU for tampering with the vaping freedom, they should embrace it and its more effective than anything else. They should see the horizon documentary " is vaping dangerous " cause they did really good looking in to what vaping does and its to the most non addictive and not big percent start vaping with nicotine unless they already are smoking and its very VERY less lounge cell killable and i dont know if thats with ejuice with nicotine or without. and if i remember it right they say its almost alot like coffee in comparison. So what the .... are they doing they just think about taxing and money and the unemployiness they create. And eu laws max 2ml automizers no bigger flasks than 10ml ...... im speachless. but im happy i found this forum hope more ppl folds if you can atleast not everyone can, its an tough world.

    And hello to all of you member for 1 hour or so and im Marcus from sweden :)

    No one has the energy to read all this but im an freak and just write it all out. Sorry for taking up some kilobits of the servers harddrive space :]

    HAppy weekend all best regards /M
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